Late Night: Not Merely an Activist Court, But a Proactive One

By: Friday June 25, 2010 8:00 pm

Strict constitutionalists or not, you gotta think that for the guys who overturned the popular vote in Bush v. Gore — and have since followed that up by determining that the 1st Amendment right to free speech should be weighted by how much money you have in Citizens United, among other atrocities — the last thing in the world they’d want would be an established legal right of the public to “honest services.”


Next Up For Activist SCOTUS: “Honest Services”

By: Sunday February 28, 2010 6:45 am

Following up on its activist behavior in going out of its way to hear and decide on the Citizens United case, our radically conservative Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday in the third of a series of cases involving the concept of “honest services” as it appears in fraud statutes.

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