Desperate But Not Serious

By: Thursday October 18, 2012 6:03 am

I posed this question on the twitter machine Wednesday night…

“Has anyone figured out why it matters what Obama called the attack in Benghazi and why it should be a campaign issue?”


Lil Luke Russert Totally Wants to Bro-Pump Iron With Paul Ryan

By: Friday October 12, 2012 10:59 am

Here is your future of journalism, America.

Meltdowns & Patdowns

By: Monday June 11, 2012 7:15 pm

While most of America had a fairly normal early June weekend (going to graduations, seeing movies, barbequing, having gay sex) wingnut America was hiding out in their couch forts wearing tinfoil hats and waiting for Brett Kimberlin to break into their house and steal their collectors edition copies of Braveheart.

The Silence of the Lames

By: Friday June 8, 2012 8:20 am

As you might be aware, having seen the free-standing displays of cards and party supplies at your local Hallmark store or the massive cheap-beer pyramids constructed out of beer suitcases as you entered your local food emporium, today (Friday) is National Wingnut Shut The Fuck Up Day. A holiday tradition like no other, NW-STFU Day is intended as a show of solidarity amongst all rightwing bloggers, small and smaller, signifying strength and resolve against the depredations of rightwing boogieman Brett Kimberlin who, at this very moment, is calling you on the phone … and he’s in your house! [cue skree skree skree sound effect].

Internet Man Does Not Want To Be On The Google Anymore

By: Sunday May 20, 2012 5:07 pm

Hi. I’m back and, no, I didn’t bring presents.

So where were we?

Oh yes. Recently (May 8th to be exact) I did a post on potty-mouthed golf caddy George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina who, for some reason, took offense when Sandra Fluke went on Twitter and voiced her support for a bill that would protect the rights of working women when they get pregnant.

Let’s relive The Magic That Is George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina When He Talks To The Ladies, shall we?

Jonah Goldberg and The Amazing Acme Twitter Machine

By: Monday May 14, 2012 6:50 pm

I think it is wonderful that John Hinderaker and The Conservatives have landed on Twitter Beach, planted their flag, and claimed it as their own from which they can display their brilliance in 140 characters or less which will then go BOOM! like little words IED’s right in the libtards faces. After all, that is how elections (and wars!) will be won from this day forward. Of course, as Susan of Texas points out, to really get a feel for how conservatives have mastered the form (it’s their “natural medium”!), you need only turn to one of Hinderaker’s Recommended Twatters: author, noted conservative intellectual, 2-time Pulitzer nominee, 11-time Super Bowl participant (if by ‘participant’ you mean he watched it on TV) and founding member of the Algonquin Children’s Round Table at National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg to see how it is done.

Fake Newspaper Faked Out by Faker News Source

By: Tuesday May 8, 2012 7:20 pm

Dave Boyer of the Washington Unification End-Times Church Newsletter read this thing on Bill Kristol’s dumb son-in-law’s internet hobby blog about how Barack Obama was personally transvaginal wanding lady visitors at the White Hizzouse to see if they were pregnant, possibly by Republican semen firehose Bill Johnson. Dave Boyer, who works for a Kimchee Jesus, could have called the White House to confirm this story – but … boring and also work -, so he ran with that baby, and by ‘baby’ I don’t mean the end result of Bill Johnson’s baby batter.

Coloring Inside the Lines

By: Friday March 23, 2012 12:45 pm

These guys were just waiting for their moment to let the ugly out, and that moment is now.

Where in the World Is Andrew Breitbart?

By: Saturday March 17, 2012 5:00 pm

Recently Breitbart World Enterprises brought on-board grifting dumblady Sarah Palin who, unlike most of the “writers” at Big Whatever, actually has a journalism degree even if it is patched together with credits from five or six various colleges and cosmetology schools. Her initial Breibart offering, written by the same person who writes Sarah’s Facebook posts while Sarah sits nearby distractedly flipping through a copy of US Weekly and eating Cool Ranch Doritos, is about the coming onslaught of posters reminding America that Andrew Breitbart will always be with us just like Tom Joad – if Tom Joad had been a sweaty reeling boozehound screaming insults at random people on the street before collapsing in a pool of his own sick.

Mitt Romney Will Get the Government Out of Our Government

By: Tuesday January 17, 2012 7:00 am

One of the important things that we have learned from Mitt Romney on this, his fifth attempt to land one of those sweet civil service job, is that corporations are people. It is true, in fact, that most corporations exhibit more lifelike or “human” qualities than Mitt Romney; something the engineers at the Tyrell Corporation are working frantically to address with a firmware upgrade on the Nexus-6 Romneybot model before the general election gets under way.

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