The Occupation, about 70 ‘sleepers’ strong, has been there since October 6th. Some sleepers are currently being forced to Occupy the Island in the intersection of Cesar Chavez St. and S. 1st St. This is directly across the street from the Occupation. These Occupiers, or ‘Exiles’, are stuck on the Island due to a 1 year ban from City Hall property levied by the City after their arrests on October 30th. The National Lawyers Guild is working with the Exiles to contest this ban. The solidarity they’ve shown by continuing to Occupy the Island is amazing.

This was our 2nd trip in our capacity as #OccupySupply liaisons and the goal was to drop off our first large shipment for distribution. Armed with hats, socks, long johns, sweaters, face masks and more, we waited for the arrival of our primary contact, who we’ll call Kate.