For me, there’s another reason why I joined – and why I’m asking you to join up tonight if you haven’t already. Firedoglake with Jane at the lead has always seen the very real human beings in the midst of the news. There are many places where you can read foreign policy punditry or analysis or ideology, but oh so few where the human voices caught in the midst of our chaotic and transforming world can speak and have their voices heard. And creating a space where we listen to those voices is one of the things I value most about FDL and the space Jane has offered me – and all of you here. When we report on Iraq, Afghanistan or Gaza, and now Egypt and Libya and Bahrain, we look for the local sources, the local voices and viewpoints and do our best to showcase them.Too frequently our progressive platforms focus inward, to domestic issues and domestic squabbles – too rarely do we look at what America policy and militarism means for the people it’s imposed upon. And too many blogs have been afraid to take on some of these impacts – whether it’s the horror of civilian casualties in Sadr City or the US money and arms behind Operation Cast Lead.