LIPA’s Nuclear Hangover Proves Headache for Sandy’s Victims

By: Tuesday November 27, 2012 6:50 am

As the sun set on Veterans Day, 2012, tens of thousands of homes on New York’s Long Island prepared to spend another night in darkness. The lack of light was not part of any particular memorial or observance; instead, it was the noisome and needless culmination of decades of mismanagement and malfeasance by a power company still struggling to pay for a now-moldering nuclear plant that never provided a single usable kilowatt to the region’s utility customers.


Romney’s Favorablity Continues to Erode

By: Wednesday March 14, 2012 8:40 am

The longer the Republican primary goes on the more the American public dislikes Mitt Romney as a person. Romney’s favorable rating has been falling steadily for months according to most polls. It has gotten so bad that a majority of the country now holds an unfavorable opinion of Romney. According to Pew Research 51% hold an unfavorable opinion of Romney while just 29% view him favorably.

Americans Don’t Like Romney but May Still Vote for Him

By: Wednesday January 18, 2012 1:40 pm

The Republican base may have a favorable view of Mitt Romney, but the rest of the country holds a pretty negative opinion about him. Nationally, his favorable numbers are extremely poor and have been getting worse. Yet even though the American people don’t like Romney, he is within striking distance of beating President Obama.

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