Late Night: “Dark Dungeons” Jack Chick Comes to the Big Screen

By: Tuesday May 20, 2014 8:00 pm

The trailer for Dark Dungeons, the new movie based on Jack Chick’s legendary 1984 tract about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons is finally here! Oh the comedy! Can’t wait to watch the flick which comes out in August, a perfect summer comedy.


Late Night: Fishes, Witches, Christians, Heathens and Haters

By: Tuesday September 21, 2010 8:00 pm

Just like there are Baptists that drink, Catholics who support liberation theology and a variety of other shades and hues in the Christian coloring book–as well as some who go outside the lines–there are all variety of witches. Not all witches are Satanists. Or Druids, Wiccans, Re-Weavers, Dianic, shamans, or members of the Ancient, Secret and Unacceptable Order of the Almond Bear Claw Danish Qabalistic Coffee Coven ™, any more than not all Christians are narrow-minded theocratic, anti-sex, anti-gay, fundamentalists. Heck, some witches aren’t even religious, they just have mad skillz.

First They Came for Women Enjoying Sex, Then They Came for Men Jacking Off

By: Wednesday September 15, 2010 7:15 pm

I know Democrats are thrilled that Chris Coons, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Delaware, will be running against the kook Christine O’Donnell.

But I’m a little troubled by the treatment of O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation stance as just one more kooky proposal.

It’s not.

Rather, it’s the logical extension of the conservative assault on reproductive freedom.

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