Facebook’s New Fees Could Mean a Corporate Takeover of Your Timeline

By: Friday October 26, 2012 8:45 am

When Facebook began to struggle after going public this past May, they launched a desperate crusade for revenue that has ultimately placed the burden on users by severely limiting your ability to reach your friends unless you pay a premium.


Sunday Late Night: Estranged

By: Sunday March 11, 2012 8:01 pm

One of my earliest memories of my mother speaking candidly about her own mother was when she said how sad she thought it was for her mom to be so easily estranged from her long-time friends. Apparently, my mom saw her mother fail to return calls, blow slights up into major hurts, and put the initiative for contact on her friends. This happened to a greater and greater extent through the years as people moved away, or stepped back, or died, or became estranged.

It was a lesson to me that one mustn’t let friends slip away without a fight.

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