62% of Florida Voters Would Back Medical Marijuana Amendment

By: Thursday October 3, 2013 12:35 pm

There is good news from the Sunshine State. A new Public Policy Polling survey found that 62 percent of voters in the state would support a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana. Only 26 percent said they would likely oppose one and 12 percent are undecided.

Herpes-Ridden Monkeys: Florida Wildlife Just Gets Worse

By: Friday September 13, 2013 4:15 pm

Florida is not only God’s waiting room; sometimes it’s also Hell’s. Invasive species–including Burmese pythons, Madagascan hissing cockroaches, walking catfish, stucco-eating giant snails–are endangering native species and disrupting the delicate ecosystems. And then there’s herpes infected wildlife, and I don’t mean the humans cataloged on the Twitter feeds, Florida Man and Florida Woman.

Back to the Old Days Again

By: Wednesday July 24, 2013 1:30 am

Ah, the legacy of the Zimmerman verdict in Florida — back to the way things had always been, except for the last couple generations.

Charlie Crist’s Latest Step in His Political Transformation: Endorsing Marriage Equality

By: Thursday May 9, 2013 1:25 pm

There is a good chance Crist will run for governor again next year as a Democrat.

That Unemployment Form Might Violate Your Civil Rights

By: Sunday May 5, 2013 7:00 am

If you think being jobless is tough, try applying for unemployment benefits. In Florida, simply filling out the form requires considerable talent and endurance. According to a recent ruling by the federal Department of Labor, the state’s new online application process is so fraught with arbitrary obstacles that it violates federal civil rights protections.

Medical Marijuana Coming to Florida in 2014?

By: Thursday March 21, 2013 10:40 am

Efforts to getting medical marijuana legalized in Florida recently received a huge boost. Two important political fundraisers in Florida decided to get behind an effort to put medical marijuana on the ballot in 2014. There are only two real hurdles in the way of medical marijuana in Florida.

Florida Pushing ALEC, CSG Sham Fracking Chemical Disclosure Model Bill

By: Thursday March 14, 2013 7:59 am

Florida may soon become the fourth state with a law on the books enforcing hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) chemical disclosure. The Florida House of Representatives’ Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee voted unanimously (11-0) on March 7 to require chemical disclosure from the fracking industry. For many, that is cause for celebration and applause.

What bill sponsor Rep. Ray Rodrigues (R-76) didn’t mention: the law was written by what investigative journalist Steve Coll referred to as a “private empire,” ExxonMobil. Like its federal-level predecessor, it still contains the “trade secrets” loophole.

Medical Marijuana Has 70 Percent Support in Florida

By: Tuesday February 26, 2013 12:20 pm

The people of Florida overwhelmingly back allowing medical marijuana in the state. A new poll conducted for People United for Medical Marijuana and obtained by the Miami Herald found 70 percent of Florida voters would back an amendment to legalize medical marijuana and only 24 percent would oppose it.

Republican Governors and the Medicaid Expansion: Capitulation or Manipulation?

By: Sunday February 24, 2013 8:30 am

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s decision the other day to go along with the Medicaid expansion next year, after he had previously rejected it vehemently, has been widely interpreted as simply the latest event in a series whereby Republican governors are slowly seeing the handwriting on the wall and capitulating to the hated Obamacare, while also being motivated by one political factor or another; for example, Politico lays it to Scott’s sinking poll numbers.

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: Monday February 18, 2013 5:45 am

In the search for life elsewhere in the solar system, scientists are settling on Europa as the most likely location . The next mission to arrive in that area is Juno in 2016, but it’s not really there to study Europa so anything we get is going to be incidental.The European space agency is planning a launch in 2022 for a mission to Europa that would study sites for a landing. NASA scientists also have a probe planned, The Clipper Mission, but funding is uncertain and not in the current budget.

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