An Appreciation of FDL Contributors


As Firedoglake goes offline this weekend, those of us who are launching Shadowproof would like to take the time to show appreciation for all the contributors, who helped make FDL special through the years.

Keeping FDL online and filled with daily content during hiatus was a struggle. It would have been even more impossible without the regular contributions of Ruth Calvo, Crane-Station, Frederick Leatherman, Lawrence Hudetz, and CTuttle.

Ruth kept up the “Saturday Art” series, which has highlighted something wonderful and magnificent each weekend. Lawrence continued his weekly “Camera Work” feature, which highlighted something captivating about photography each week. Crane-Station provided insightful commentary as part of “Over Easy” and with weekly posts.

Frederick (who blogged for some time under the name “Masoninblue”) increased his contributions during hiatus and published about three posts per week with sharp commentary on pressing legal issues of the day.

CTuttle put in a lot of hours finding content from places like Common Dreams and Mint Press News, which deserved to gain a wider audience. He took on some editing duties and maintained his regular “Late Night” postings, which featured something music-related each day.

Brandon Jordan published a daily “Round Up,” which had an invaluable quality to it. The collection of links was something I sometimes referenced when putting together my weekly podcast show, Unauthorized Disclosure. He also contributed news reports periodically.

Others who deserve mention for their work throughout the past decade: Spocko, wendydavis, msmolly, PeasantParty, Suzanne, Ed Walker, Richard Taylor, Chris Maukonen, masaccio, SouthernDragon (RIP), Jeff Kaye, Gregg Levine, bmaz, Jim White, Marcy Wheeler, David Dayen, and Lisa Derrick.

Two editors, who helped make FDL function, deserve acknowledgment too. Ellie Elliott did a lot to support the work of contributors. John Chandley or “Scarecrow,” who died from cancer a few years ago, was hugely responsible for keeping things going during the day. (more…)

After Firedoglake

As many of you know, Firedoglake has been on hiatus for eight months while I recovered from hip replacement surgery. During that time I’ve been contemplating what the next chapter should be for the website. After some personal reflection, I have decided to pass the torch on to Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein, who will launch their own media organization called Shadowproof that will build on the success of FDL.

Kevin, who has continued to publish to FDL during hiatus, will be the organization’s Managing Editor. You might know him from the work he has done covering Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, and other whistleblower cases. His Dissenter column was an enormous success at FDL, and he will continue to publish the column at Shadowproof.

Brian has spent the last year developing his own website, Prison Protest, which has focused on incarceration and prisoners’ rights. He worked for FDL for nearly six years. During his time at FDL, he was responsible for directing advocacy campaigns, including the Occupy Supply fund, the Just Say Now campaign to legalize marijuana, and various efforts in support of whistleblowers like Manning and Kiriakou. At Shadowproof, he will publish a column on prisons and criminal justice and also be the site’s Publishing Editor.

Kevin and Brian will be joined by fellow FDL veteran Dan S. Wright, who will publish a column called The Bullpen focusing on the super-rich and the influence of money in politics. Our old friend Kit O’Connell will be their social media manager, editor and a contributor, with a focus on community engagement.

I’m very happy that the nearly two hundred thousand posts published to FDL over the past ten years will be archived on the Shadowproof website. No person who has contributed posts to FDL need worry that their work will be lost.

The dogs and I have really loved being a part of the FDL community for over a decade, and are so very thankful for all of the great friends we’ve made and the experiences we have had. But we feel it’s time to hand over the helm to new, young energetic voices like Kevin, Brian, Dan and Kit. Moreover, it’s the right time in their careers when they should be stepping into leadership positions. I am so proud of all of the work they’ve done, and look forward to watching their growth as they lead their own organization.

I want to thank everyone over the years who has helped to make FDL a huge success. I urge those who have supported FDL to support Shadowproof, because it’s going to be amazing.