Google Ending Privacy Breach Consumer Watchdog Targeted in FTC Complaint

By: Wednesday April 24, 2013 6:59 pm

Google apparently is ending an egregious privacy breach involving people who buy apps from its Google Play store using Google Wallet to pay. Consumer Watchdog filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission with a copy to California Attorney General Kamala Harris about what Google was doing. The complaint alleged that the Internet giant was violating its privacy policies and its “Buzz” consent agreement with the FTC.


EU’s Google Antitrust Deal Beats FTC, But Still Doesn’t Do Enough

By: Wednesday April 17, 2013 6:02 pm

Details of Google’s proposed settlement with the European Union to avoid antitrust charges have been leaking out of Brussels over the weekend. And while EU competition authorities appear to have accomplished more that the gentle tap on the wrist meted out by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the deal as so far revealed doesn’t do enough to end Google’s anti-competitive practices.

Consumer Watchdog Asks FTC To Release Staff Report In Google Investigation

By: Tuesday January 8, 2013 4:06 pm

Consumer Watchdog today called on the Federal Trade Commission to release the 100-page staff report on the 19-month Google investigation as the only way to “restore a modicum of public trust in the Commission’s ability to serve as an effective antitrust enforcer.”

FTC’s Settlement With Google Fails To End Key Abuse

By: Thursday January 3, 2013 1:05 pm

The Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with Google fails to end its most anticompetitive practice, Consumer Watchdog said today and the public interest group called on the Department of Justice and state attorneys general to press forward to end the Internet giant’s monopolistic behavior in search results.

“Google clearly skews search results to favor its own products and services while portraying the results as unbiased. That undermines competition and hurts consumers,” said John M. Simpson, director of the group’s Privacy Project. “The FTC rolled over for Google.

Fake Net Neutrality: Like Letting Enron Write the Electricity Rules

By: Tuesday December 21, 2010 12:40 pm

The FCC allowing AT&T and friends to write the new rules for Internet access recalls what happened when California handed the pen to Enron and friends in writing rules for electricity markets. Deja vu all over again

Let The Health Care Regulation Gaming Begin!

By: Monday April 5, 2010 11:45 am

The insurance companies are off and running and their lobbyists are going to be extremely busy. The gaming of the new system has already begun in state legislators’ and insurance commissioners’ offices, and in regulatory drafting committees far away from scrutiny by the media and the public. Let’s just hope the whole thing is not completely gutted between now and 2014 when the biggest changes to health care begin.

Do You Trust Govs Like Rick Perry to Make Sure the New Insurance Regulations Are Enforced?

By: Thursday December 31, 2009 12:30 pm

It doesn’t take a magician’s trick to figure out that the Senate bill fails to lay the ground work for future progressive change. It dooms health care activists to 40 years of fighting to undo the bad structure this Senate bill would put in place.

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