The Partisan Fact Divide

By: Monday December 30, 2013 1:04 pm

I think this statistic is both fascinating and very informative about the current state of politics. Significantly fewer Republicans now believe in evolution than did in 2009. On the other hand more Democrats now believe in evolution.


Lakeside Diner

By: Thursday August 9, 2012 4:45 am

A variety of links to articles/interviews/speeches on current issues that may be of interest.

No Myth Left Behind: 46% Fail First Test Question on Evolution

By: Friday June 1, 2012 4:25 pm

Gallup released its annual results on the question of American beliefs regarding evolution/creationism. Once again, the creationists manage to sustain a set of beliefs that can only persist after a determined effort to withhold facts, sources and the imagination to keep them from their own children.

Lakeside Diner

By: Tuesday February 28, 2012 4:45 am

A variety of links to articles/interviews/speeches on current topics that may be of interest.

January Smithsonian Magazine to Anger the TheoCons

By: Saturday December 24, 2011 9:00 am

The Smithsonian magazine highlights — and supports — evolution in the cover story of their January issue. Online, they go even further, with additional information and links.

Cue the TheoCon heads exploding in five, four, three . . .

Labor and The Left

By: Sunday September 4, 2011 11:00 am

It won’t be easy to reunite Labor and the Left to pursue progressive economic policies. There is a lot of bad history between the groups.

Rick Perry’s Evolution and Global Warming Denial Propel Him into the Lead in Iowa

By: Tuesday August 23, 2011 10:30 am

While the Secessionist was taken to task by the legacy media for his rube-ish views on science, he’s paying no penalty at all within the Republican Party.

Rick Perry’s Innovative Educational Model: Students Get to Decide the Right Answer

By: Friday August 19, 2011 10:30 am

A lot of people are talking the Secessionist’s response to a question about evolution.

Let’s put aside the fact that evolution isn’t just a “theory that’s out there,” that there aren’t “gaps” in it — and that Texas doesn’t teach creationism. All of that is just factually wrong and crazy, to boot.

Rick Perry to NH Kid: “We teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools….”

By: Thursday August 18, 2011 7:12 pm

In 2005, the most important court decision on evolution since the 1987 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Edwards v. Aguillard, came about: the Pennsylvania case, Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. Edwards had nailed the door shut on teaching “creationism” as science in schools. Kitzmiller nailed it shut on trying to the same with “intelligent design.” Both were definitive. Perry should know that, as should the entire field of GOP 2012 hopefuls.

To me, this is an important subject, and has been for some time. Science education is vital to our future as a nation, as a planet. Whenever I read, watch or listen to a media person bringing up creationism, intelligent design or evolution as if there might be a scientific component to more than one of those three ideas, I just shake my head.

Rick Perry Dismisses Evolution as a “Theory That’s Out There,” Falsely Claims Creationism is Taught in Texas

By: Thursday August 18, 2011 10:30 am

It actually takes political skill to be a really good panderer, and as the Secessionist has demonstrated this week time and time again, he just doesn’t have it.

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