Former Clinton and Bush Cabinet Members, Now Oil and Gas Lobbyists, Expect Keystone XL Green Light

By: Sunday November 18, 2012 7:45 am

The Tar Sands Blockade of TransCanada Corporation’s “Keystone XL South” continues in Texas, but former members of the Clinton and George W. Bush cabinets believe the northern half will soon be green-lighted by President Barack Obama.

In a Nov. 13 conference call led by the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), an oil and gas industry front group, CEA Counsel John Northington said he believes a “Keystone XL North” rubber stamp is in the works by the Obama Administration.

“I think the Keystone will be approved in fairly short order by the administration,” Northington said on the call.


Will Elizabeth Dole Make the Racist Attacks Against Obama Stop?

By: Friday May 2, 2008 4:00 pm

North Carolina absentee senator Liddy Dole was predictably not in the office when Pam Spaulding and the folks from BlueNC came calling with 1200 signatures we all collected asking Liddy to take a stand and make the racist Republican ads against Barack Obama stop — something that John McCain is too politically feeble to do.

Where’s Liddy? Tell Elizabeth Dole To Stop Racist Attack Ads Against Barack Obama

By: Monday April 28, 2008 12:06 pm

Elizabeth Dole is the most senior member of the North Carolina GOP, and she has the power to stop the racist attack ads against Obama that are running there. But in an election year when she’s widely accused of having “gone Washington,” she’s AWOL on yet another North Carolina issue.

We’re gong to be working with North Carolina bloggers (including Pam Spaulding) to deliver a petition to Dole’s office, telling her to write the North Carolina GOP and make it stop. You can cosign here.

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