Late Night: Some of Us Still Remember . . .

By: Wednesday November 19, 2014 8:00 pm

The current president knows damn well that the “conservative” agenda is repulsive, that it is malevolent, that it is fascist to the core. That brutal reality cannot be concealed no matter how many times it is portrayed as “free market capitalism” on Fox News, no matter how many times it is glorified as “liberty” on rightwing hate radio, no matter how many times the corporate media tries to sanitize it.

The “midterm elections” are over, and we’ve seen once again that Democrats are incapable of telling the truth about any of this, they are complicit in it, and their token and temporary resistance to the relentless “conservative” assault on democracy has no meaning or value whatsoever.


Late Night: The Democratic Party’s Performance in the 2014 Election

By: Wednesday November 12, 2014 8:00 pm

Because political affiliation is based on something akin to religious feeling or dogma, there are those who will never vote Democratic, ever. It is not productive to focus on why, just acknowledge that they exist. There’s no point in wasting energy on converting someone who is not interested. As was once said about the two competing theories of light, Newton’s corpuscular and Huygens’s wave theory, which eventually settled on wave theory, Huygens was asked how he convinced the corpuscular camp to believe in his theory. His response was “I didn’t, they died”.

The 2014 Midterms: Economic Class Issues Trumped Identity Politics

By: Sunday November 9, 2014 5:20 pm

Ever since the decline of the American Empire really got going with the Oil Embargo of October 1973, the Democratic Party has been sliding more or less steadily to the right, and by that I mean towards the interests of capitalists. This trend really accelerated during the Clinton Administration, and has been going full throttle ever since.

The Democrats have masked this slide to the right by using identity politics as a way to get voters whose economic interests are diametrically opposed to the interests of the Democrats’ big money donors to turn out and vote for them anyway.

Election Results Show Broad Support for Increasing Minimum Wage, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere

By: Thursday November 6, 2014 6:45 pm

Voters in Wisconsin and across the country showed extensive support on Tuesday for increasing the minimum wage, by approving ballot measures calling for raises for the lowest-paid workers.

Climate Change Policies Dead in the Water With New Congress

By: Thursday November 6, 2014 11:23 am

Much has been made of the fact that immigration reform is going to have a tough time getting through Congress now that Republicans have taken control of both chambers, but an issue that appears to have even less of a chance of getting addressed in the next two years is climate change. If anything, Republicans taking control of Congress may exacerbate the situation.

Start with who is going to takeover the committee in the Senate responsible for climate change related legislation now that the GOP is in control, Senator James “it;’s a hoax” Inhofe.

President Obama Addresses Midterm Election Results In Press Conference

By: Thursday November 6, 2014 7:50 am

Yesterday President Barack Obama gave his post mortem press conference on the Republican sweep of the 2014 elections. He said Republicans ran good campaign campaigns but thought the real message from the electorate was that they want Washington to “get the job done” despite voting overwhelmingly for divided government.

Democrats Crushed in Ohio: What It Means, and What It Could Mean

By: Wednesday November 5, 2014 7:05 pm

Yesterday, Democrats in general were simply crushed in Ohio. Only 38% of voters turned out to give Republican Governor John Kasich a 31 point victory over the deeply flawed, corporatist Democratic nominee Ed Fitzgerald. I predicted something like this back in August, but the margin of Fitzgerald’s defeat exceeded even my expectations. Hell, the worthless bastard couldn’t even carry his own county where he is still County Executive for another two months, Cuyahoga. It was the largest margin by far in any statewide race, but every single Democrat got soundly trounced. The closest margin was the Treasurer’s race, where the truly despicable spoiled child Josh Mandel won by “only” 11 points.

Republicans Dominate 2014 Elections

By: Wednesday November 5, 2014 6:30 am

In a clean sweep the Republican Party took over the Senate, increased its majority in the House, and prevailed in tight governor races last night in the 2014 elections. The prospects were never great for the Democrats who were competing in many cases in GOP leaning states but Republicans even won in traditionally blue states taking the governorships in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Maryland.

Are the 2014 Elections a Referendum on Barack Obama?

By: Tuesday November 4, 2014 11:20 am

The 2014 elections could be characterized as a general referendum on the president but given the expected low turnout and anti-incumbency sentiment they could also be called a referendum on a hopelessly broken political system.

Upcoming Republican Sweep May Offer Obama Second Chance For ‘Grand Bargain’

By: Monday November 3, 2014 12:31 pm

While some are lamenting the likely Democratic loss of the Senate, even questioning the need for midterms altogether, one person who may be seeing an opportunity in the GOP takeover is President Barack Obama. A Republican controlled Congress could provide the opening for Obama to pursue his much sought after “Grand Bargain” on social security and medicare.

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