Julian Assange Hopes New Information Filed in Swedish Court Next Week Will Remove Arrest Warrant

By: Wednesday June 18, 2014 4:34 pm

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has been living in the Ecuador Embassy in the United Kingdom for two years. To mark the anniversary, his legal defense team is making a push to have the United Nations Human Rights Commission intervene in the case. His legal defense team is also planning to make a filing in Swedish courts next week that will contain new information.


Vessel: Former Greenpeace Doctor Offers Worldwide Abortion Access (#SXSW)

By: Wednesday March 26, 2014 4:50 pm

Every 10 minutes, a woman dies from a botched abortion. That’s 47,000 women every year. But what if there were an extremely safe way women could self-administer abortion, without needing the permission of the medical establishment or the state?

Vessel – the first documentary from filmmaker Diana Whitten — studies one woman’s efforts to get the abortion pill and the information needed to use it to women worldwide.

Former Swedish Prosecutor Urges Termination of Julian Assange Case

By: Sunday January 12, 2014 6:30 pm

A former Swedish prosecutor has written an op-ed for the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, where he suggests the country’s office in charge of pursuing the case against WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange terminate it entirely.

Do “Peace Accords” Lead to Peace, Justice and Security for the People?

By: Friday July 26, 2013 6:19 pm

It is commonly assumed that “peace agreements” between pro-US rightwing regimes and leftwing insurgents lead to peace, justice and greater security. A number of peace agreements which were signed and implemented in the 1990’s in Central America, South Africa, Philippines and elsewhere provide us with ample data over two decades to confirm or reject this commonplace assumption.

Information or Disinformation on Snowden’s Whereabouts?

By: Saturday July 6, 2013 8:30 am

Here’s a timeline of a few events leading up to yesterday’s UNASUR meeting that *may* indicate a campaign was carried out to protect Snowden from detection while traveling to safety. Of course, no one knows where Snowden is now or whether he is, in fact, safe.

Buzzfeed’s Snowden and Greenwald Smears Under Fire

By: Monday July 1, 2013 6:30 pm

In a response to statements by some TV personalities that Glenn Greenwald should be imprisoned for doing journalism Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor of the New York Times, wrote a post discussing the virtue of Greenwald’s work and offered a definition of what a journalist is. In Sullivan’s view a real journalist is “one who understands, at a cellular level, and doesn’t shy away from, the adversarial relationship between government and press – the very tension that America’s founders had in mind with the First Amendment.”

Did America Kill Ecuador’s President?

By: Friday June 28, 2013 12:43 pm

So whats up with the Ecuador-U.S. relationship?

Snowden’s Asylum Request: ‘Unlikely I Would Receive Fair Trial or Proper Treatment Prior to Trial’

By: Monday June 24, 2013 1:35 pm

The foreign minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patino, held a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he made some remarks about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s request for asylum and read an excerpt from the application.

Patino, according to a post by New York Times blogger Robert Mackey, said, “The word treason has been batted around in recent days. We need to ask who has betrayed who?”

As Edward Snowden Wings to Moscow (and Beyond?) American Hubris, Criminality and Arrogance Are Challenged on Several Fronts – Updated

By: Sunday June 23, 2013 3:46 am

Whether it is the government of Hong Kong, a back-bencher in the Dáil Éireann, an Ecuadorean government resentful of past travesties we have inflicted upon their sovereignty, a Russian government upset about brazen American espionage, or an entire world community disturbed about implications of what Snowden and others have recently revealed about how fully we break treaties and conventions with them by the way we surveil and target their citizens, corporations, leaders and people, we may be about to witness a tsunami rise against our empire.

With Speech, Assange Marks Six Months Since He Took Refuge in Ecuadorean Embassy

By: Thursday December 20, 2012 1:05 pm

Though Assange is still embattled and although there is no sign that he will be able to leave the embassy and go to Ecuador any time soon, it was much more triumphal in spirit. In reminding the world of what WikiLeaks had accomplished in 2012, in noting how the organization appeared to be on the cusp of overcoming a financial blockade, one was left with the thought that WikiLeaks may thrive yet again in the new year.

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