Rex Tillerson, No Merit Badge for This Scout

By: Saturday March 1, 2014 10:55 am

Rex W. Tillerson, a resident of Bartonville, Texas, like many of his neighbors was upset with his city council. That’s not unusual. Many residents get upset at their local governing boards. And so they went to a city council meeting to express their concerns that the council was about to award a construction permit.

Did I mention Mr. Tillerson is the chairman, president, and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corporation?


Boy Scouts Propose Expiration Dates for Eagle Scout Rank

By: Saturday April 20, 2013 9:00 am

The Boy Scouts of America are proposing to straddle a barbed wire fence. At the same time they propose lifting the ban on gay scouts, they repeat their opposition to LGBT adult scouting leaders. Thus, the gay youngster who works hard to become an Eagle Scout is shown the door by the Scouts on the day he turns 21.

If there was a merit badge for FAIL, the drafters of this proposal have certainly earned it.

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