The More NOM Hates On Starbucks, The More Starbucks’ Profits Soar

By: Friday January 25, 2013 2:35 pm

Oopsie, NOM: “The Seattle-based coffee chain said Thursday its profit rose 13 percent in the latest quarter in line with Wall Street expectations.”


NOM’s Peculiar Definition of “Victory”

By: Thursday December 20, 2012 5:02 pm

Today, just two weeks after voters in Washington, Maine, Maryland and Minnesota affirmed their support of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples by rejecting NOM’s anti-gay ballot measure campaigns, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) released a video extolling its “Top Ten Marriage Victories of 2012″. The question is, what victories? Here is NOM’s list.

NOM’s International Boycott of Starbucks is a Total Flop

By: Monday April 16, 2012 10:00 am

National Organization for Marriage’s DumpStarbucks campaign, which is NOM’s attempt to punish Starbucks for supporting marriage equality, went international on April 10, running online ads in some of the most anti-gay nations in the world. But the campaign faltered and was then overwhelmed by the counter “Thank You Starbucks” campaign.

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