Rogue Group to Clean Up Crime Labs, DUID Laws

By: Wednesday March 19, 2014 6:13 pm

A group in far Western Kentucky calling itself ‘Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks,’ neither drinks nor uses drugs but is nonetheless fed up with Fourth Amendment violation no-suspicion vehicle stops and DUI arrests and crime lab corruption, and has a solid plan to be consistent with the Commonwealth’s goal, which is, after all, to keep everybody honest.


Payroll Tax Cut/UI Details Released

By: Friday February 17, 2012 6:03 am

It’s a $150 billion piece of legislation, and $52 billion will be paid for. The payroll tax cut, extended to the end of 2012, will not have an offset. But the offsets for the unemployment extension include a sell-off of wireless spectrum, and an increase in the contribution to pension benefits for new federal employees. For the doc fix, the offsets include a variety of health care-related items, including a damaging 33% cut to the Health Care Prevention Fund (called a “slush fund” in this document).

Deal on Payroll Tax/UI Bill to Get Vote Within Days

By: Thursday February 16, 2012 9:59 am

Negotiators say they have a deal on a $150 billion bill to extend the payroll tax cut, some unemployment insurance benefits and the “doc fix” to the end of the year, a bill that will sacrifice some health care prevention money, several weeks of unemployment eligibility, and at the very end, pension contributions for new federal employees.

Latest Details on Payroll Tax/UI Bill Includes Cuts to Health Care Prevention Fund, Jobless Benefits

By: Wednesday February 15, 2012 2:55 pm

The details on this emerging deal on various expiring measures are getting worse by the minute. The dominant policy desire here looks to be to get something done, regardless of the impact on federal employees, the humiliation of newly-drug-tested jobless workers, and the detriment to our health care system.

Tentative Payroll Tax/UI Deal Would Cut Indeterminate Number of Weeks of Extended Unemployment Benefits

By: Wednesday February 15, 2012 7:00 am

Late yesterday afternoon, news broke of a tentative deal to extend the payroll tax cut, unemployment insurance and the “doc fix” on Medicare reimbursement rates. Only we shouldn’t say that the deal would extend unemployment benefits, because it wouldn’t extend all of them. There will be cuts to the maximum number of weeks of benefits of anywhere between 10 and 36.

Four Weeks to Payroll Tax Cut/UI Expiration, and Little Movement on Extension

By: Thursday February 2, 2012 5:36 pm

The payroll tax cut and extended unemployment benefits expire on February 29. And though the House-Senate conference committee charged with figuring out a year-long extension met yesterday, there really isn’t a lot of movement toward a solution. Pay-fors seem to be the biggest stumbling block.

Flomax to armageddon

By: Friday December 9, 2011 1:30 am

In yet another of their myriad plans to do everything possible to make life worse for the non-wealthy Republicans have another “clever scheme”.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients? Why Stop There?

By: Monday August 29, 2011 4:22 pm

Republican legislators in Alabama are working on bills that would require drug testing for individuals receiving welfare payments. The bills will be patterned after those that became law in Florida earlier this summer.

At least one Alabama Democrat, showing that some Southern liberals actually have a pair, vows he will tack on an amendment to any Republican bill. Alvin Holmes, a state representative from Montgomery, says his amendment would require state legislators to take drug tests. In fact, Holmes (photo, above) would require all those who receive federal funds through Alabama to take drug tests.

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