Julian Assange Media Rollout in Anti-Promotion for “The Fifth Estate”

By: Monday October 14, 2013 7:15 pm

Julian Assange is stirring a bubbling cauldron of interest that could result in The Fifth Estate‘s coffers running over, with the fair-haired boy of cyberspece delivering the Midas touch for the box office gold. WikiLeaks founder Assange has been giving interviews to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which will be publishing them this week, ahead of the film’s release, RT Spanish “Behind the News” host Eva Golinger, and weirdly, ABC’s “This Week.”


Jeffrey Katzenberg Throws Hollywood Muscle, Money Into Kentucky Senate Race

By: Wednesday September 4, 2013 6:11 pm

Hollywood mega-mogul and major Democrat donor Jeffrey Katzenberg, the guy who dined with Obama the night he was last on The Tonight Show, wants to make it rain in Kentucky, hoping his efforts will produce clouds and curtains for the KY Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

Trailer for Upcoming Movie on WikiLeaks, ‘The Fifth Estate,’ Unveiled: First Impressions & Thoughts

By: Wednesday July 17, 2013 12:10 pm

The first trailer for the much-anticipated Hollywood movie on WikiLeaks, The Fifth Estate, has been unveiled. It shows the WikiLeaks organization going from releasing the “Collateral Murder” video of an Apache helicopter attack that killed two Reuters journalists in Baghdad to releasing military documents on the Afghanistan war to publishing cables that helped fuel uprisings in the Middle East to then-lead member of the organization, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, ultimately growing frustrated with WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange and being forced to part ways.

Dreamworks Begins Shooting Wikileaks Film Today, “The Fifth Estate”

By: Tuesday January 22, 2013 7:15 pm

Dreamworks announced that shooting began today on their Wikileaks movie entitled “The Fifth Estate.” The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange and Daniel Brühl as Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The cast also includes Laura Linney, Anthony Mackie, and David Thewlis. Bill Condon, fresh off the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Series, will direct.

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