Mine is a simple, and very serious, if, perhaps, modest, proposition. But let me stipulate, first, that even though this post is about the Republican Party, it in no way indicates support for, or a positive evaluation of the Democratic Party over the past 35 years. I’ve recorded my opinion of the Democratic Party’s behavior and of the present Administration’s reprehensible performance for years now, and feel no need to repeat my frequent and very angry evaluations in this post.

Having said that, I believe that unlike the often merely perfidious, and feckless, Democrats, the Republicans have crossed a line in politics which places them beyond the pale of legitimacy in any liberal democracy. What they have done is to systematically attack and attempt to destroy the very foundation of liberal democracy, namely the right and capability of the majority of people to replace the leaders of their government when they become dissatisfied with the performance of those leaders. They are attacking the basic right of the people to “kick the ins, out,” when they, individually and collectively, decide that ought to be done.