George McGovern, The First Candidate I Ever Worked For, Dead at 90

By: Sunday October 21, 2012 5:00 pm

George McGovern, the South Dakota Democrat who ran for president in 1972 as a staunch opponent of the Vietnam War and a strong advocate of economic equality, died early Sunday in Sioux Falls. He was 90.

In the fall of 1972, I was only 10, but even as a 5th-grader, I was moved by McGovern’s anti-war, pro-social-justice message. I had a “Come Home America” pin that I would wear everyday to school, and after school, I would go to the local campaign office to stuff envelopes and lick stamps.

At the crack of dawn on Election Day, I went with my father to hand out flyers to arriving workers at Litton Industries. I remember the flyers explained that you were aloud time off at the beginning or end of work to vote, and then, inside made the pitch to working Americans with the headline “How in the Hell Can You Vote for Nixon?”


Modest Convention Bounce for Obama

By: Monday September 10, 2012 12:20 pm

While the Republican national convention appears to have barely moved the polling in Mitt Romney’s direction, early signs indicate that President Obama received a modest but significant bounce from his convention. The Gallup daily tracking poll out today has Obama with a five point lead over Romney among registered voters.

DNC Finale Liveblogging

By: Thursday September 6, 2012 5:55 pm

Finally, convention season is in the home stretch. I’m pretty sure Obama’s closing speech will be a lot better than Romney’s, but I’m curious which disillusioned ex-supporters he’ll try to appeal to. Will it be progressives who think he’s an authoritarian, corrupt sellout? Or RNC staffers who think he spends too much money and hangs out with too many celebrities?

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at the Conventions

By: Thursday September 6, 2012 8:12 am

Last night with his speech at the Democratic National Convention Bill Clinton reminded everyone why he has been such a successful politician. While his speech was long and rambling at a few moments, it was well delivered. He probably did the best job he could trying to sell the difficult arguments the Obama team is making; although the economy is still bad, it is better and will continue to get better with four more years.

Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Occupiers Challenge DNC Ordinances Proposed in Charlotte

By: Tuesday January 10, 2012 5:30 pm

The Charlotte City Council in North Carolina is considering “crowd control ordinances” for the Democratic National Convention in September. Occupiers attended a city council meeting last night to oppose the ordinances because they would effectively end their “camping” or 24/7 protest that has been taking place on city property.

Building Trade Unions Plan to Sit Out Democratic National Convention

By: Sunday August 14, 2011 4:00 pm

We’ve heard a lot about labor disassociating itself from the national Democratic Party in a preference to wage battles in the states. Now we’re seeing one of the biggest examples of that. The 2012 Democratic National Convention will happen in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are no union hotels in that city, and North Carolina is a right-to-work state. For unions to participate in the DNC would represent the de facto crossing of a kind of picket line, in support of non-union hotels. The decision has come down – over a dozen unions will sit out the DNC.

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