DE Sen: Coons Favors Trade Policy That Bolsters Middle Class, Opposes Cuts to Social Security

By: Wednesday September 22, 2010 3:05 pm

The freak show has come to staid, pedestrian Delaware, in the form of Christine O’Donnell and her litany of crazy. But while the national media and late-night comics focus on condoms, masturbation and witchcraft, the man who is likely to become the next Senator from the state has quietly gone about his business. I had the opportunity to talk with Coons about the race, the O’Donnell madness, and his specific positions on issues he could face shortly in the Senate.


DE Sen: GOP Deserts Primary Victor O’Donnell, Democrat Coons Takes Big Lead

By: Wednesday September 15, 2010 8:47 am

The Tea Party triumph of Christine O’Donnell in a small pool of conservatives in Delaware over moderate Mike Castle has led the bulk of the Republican Party to run screaming in the other direction while the first set of post-primary polling shows Democrat Chris Coons up big.

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