Obama Vetted ISIS Speech In Off-The-Record Meeting With Establishment Media

By: Tuesday September 16, 2014 6:45 am

President Barack Obama met with over a dozen “journalists” in an off-the-record meeting to get input on how he should sell his war against ISIS to the American people.


I’ve never been right about such things…but don’t let that stop me

By: Monday April 21, 2014 1:30 am

But, of course, if you are wrong about a War you cheered on, there will never be any consequence. Just keep cashing that check.

David Brooks’ Primitive Defense of the Rich

By: Friday January 17, 2014 4:05 pm

David Brooks is sweating hard trying to defend the one percent against the rest of the country and reality.

Dear Mr. Brooks, Let’s Talk About the Morality of Marijuana Prohibition

By: Friday January 3, 2014 8:52 am

I think it is morally disgusting we waste billions of dollars locking adults in cages because they enjoy smoking a mostly harmless plant, money that could be used for everything from better schools to helping the poor. That is not a “moral ecology” I want to encourage.

David Brooks Reports that the NYT Can’t Find Conservative Columnists Who Know Arithmetic

By: Tuesday January 1, 2013 12:20 pm

Some of us didn’t take the skills deficit seriously, but David Brooks shows us that it is a real problem. Apparently the New York Times cannot find a conservative columnist who can deal with basic issues of logic and arithmetic. Brooks is very upset because the budget deal apparently does not include any cuts in Medicare.

David Brooks Think When Democrats Win Elections They Have to Give Everything to Republicans

By: Tuesday December 4, 2012 7:50 am

Excuse me, but what planet is David Brooks on? This would be comparable to Japan asking for Hawaii and parts of California as it was negotiating its surrender in World War II.

David Brooks Is Worried About Non-Existent Economic Crises

By: Tuesday November 13, 2012 12:19 pm

It’s so cute to see all the serious people like David Brooks who are so worried about economic crises that do not exist. They are constantly telling us how the “job creators” (a.k.a. rich people) who run businesses are just so nervous and uncertain they don’t know what to do. The current concern is that taxes could rise at the end of the year and government spending will fall.

Hot Air From David Brooks on Clean Energy and Global Warming

By: Friday October 19, 2012 2:40 pm

David Brooks is trying to do his best to help the Romney campaign, but apparently he hasn’t been getting the memos. Brooks’ column today is a diatribe against measures to promote clean energy. (That would be socialist items like tax credits for retrofitting buildings, solar panels, or fuel efficient cars. The same sorts of policies that were promoted under President Bush, albeit on a smaller scale.)

David Brooks Ignores All the Evidence on Drugs and Medicare

By: Tuesday October 9, 2012 8:15 am

While we may not know whether David Brooks’ try out as a Romney speechwriter was successful, he clearly is doing his best for the campaign. Today he pushes the idea that a voucher system is the only way to contain Medicare costs. This requires ignoring an awful lot of evidence, but that is an exercise at which David Brooks excels.

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