Three Cheers for a Law Enforcement Approach to Terrorism

By: Friday January 8, 2010 3:36 pm

A joint approach is the right approach if you want to see everyone’s information. But it is to say that within that joint entity, analysts need — wait for it — a law enforcement approach to terrorism.


What Do We Lose by Mirandizing Nigerian Who Sought to Blow Up Plane on Christmas Day?

By: Wednesday January 6, 2010 3:59 pm

An army of political pundits is crying foul over the transfer of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to the federal criminal court system.

The “War on Terror”: Plugging the Wrong Side of the Dam

By: Tuesday December 29, 2009 5:21 pm

Watching the fallout after the attempted Christmas terrorist attack, I couldn’t help but think of one of my childhood hobbies: building dams. I loved going down to the creek behind my best friend’s house and backing up the water with whatever rocks, sticks, and mud I could find.

Terrorists are Not Supermen: Ackerman Takes on Buchanan, Engel on Morning Joe

By: Tuesday December 29, 2009 6:04 am

My one regret is that my makeup doesn’t make me look as orange as a Jersey Shore cast member.

Calling in (sic)

By: Monday December 28, 2009 6:30 pm

I remember when the National Review editorial board demanded the resignation of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice after they discovered an unread copy of Bin Laden Determined to Strike US under a stack of InStyles and Jimmy Choo catalogs in her office, and how Donald Rumsfeld had to wrestle the tantō away from Rice when she attempted seppuku.

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