Thomas’s Promises: Why Is a Perjurer on the Supreme Court?

By: Friday October 22, 2010 8:00 am

In leaving an early-morning voicemail for Professor Anita Hill, insisting that she apologize to Clarence Thomas for “what you did with my husband“, Ginni Thomas has re-ignited scrutiny into Thomas’ testimony at his confirmation hearing. That scrutiny does not leave the Supreme Court justice in a flattering light. In fact, yet another credible witness has come forward today, adding one more person relating a nearly identical description of Thomas’ outrageous behavior toward women (pdf) and his obsession with pornography. With multiple victims of Thomas’ inappropriate behavior coming forward, the question now must be asked why we allow a Supreme Court justice to remain on the bench when it is clear that he committed perjury in his confirmation hearing by categorically denying confirmed events.


Politico Plays Catch-up, Notes Transpartisan Unity on Bernanke’s Re-Appointment

By: Monday December 7, 2009 6:30 pm

Politico had a catch-up article about the interesting coalition opening up around Ben Bernanke’s re-appointment and issued of Fed transparency. I say a “catch-up” article because they’re just getting to where I was five days ago. Nonetheless, they have some interesting additions to this. I was amused by Jim DeMint’s palpable fear about being on [...]

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