With the disaster in the Senate on Thursday, when Republicans proved yet again that they will not easily give up their discriminatory ways, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was aborted when it failed to pass a vote on cloture. The New York Times howled on Friday that The Senate Stands for Injustice, but this event really was just one more in a long string of aborted votes in the Senate that are bringing it increasingly closer to gridlock. Both parties have been guilty of this obstructionism over the years, but at least in terms of failed cloture motions, the past four years, with Democrats in the majority and Republicans aborting as many votes as they can, have seen these Senate abortions sail to an all-time high. It should be possible to put the Senate back to work actually debating and then having simple majority votes on passage of bills rather than aborting any votes on them. Let’s also eliminate the back alley vote abortions embodied in “holds” on legislation and limit total blockage attempts to no more than 10 for each caucus in a two year session.