Not a Failure: Iraq War Was a Premeditated Crime and Iraqis Still Deserve Truth and Justice

By: Tuesday March 19, 2013 5:52 pm

Iraqis, at minimum, deserve to see officials in the United States and United Kingdom who engineered the war and then waged empire for over eight years brought to justice. They deserve their own moment of truth. And, it may seem like such justice could never occur, but the people of the United States owe it to the people of Iraq.


Sunday Late Night: Barney Frank Gets No Answers about Pot & Sex from Will & Ryan

By: Sunday December 18, 2011 8:01 pm

Barney Frank’s questions about Big Conservative Government’s advocates’ unwavering and prurient interest in regulating pot and sex get no respect from co-panelists George “Gateway Drug” Will and Paul “I Smirk” Ryan. Then the Massachusetts Congressman gets totally shut down by lame duck anchor Christiane Amanpour, who’d prefer to return to her chosen topic of ‘social mobility’ than let Barney deftly pierce the inherent personal liberty contradictions of her guests’ preferred regulatory regime.

Barney Frank revels in the opportunity to speak directly to people who have no response but to smirk at him (Ryan) or to ask for another several decades of pot research before making up their minds whether it’s a gateway drug (Will).

Tim Pawlenty: No Credit Risk of Debt Default if We Pay Foreign Investors First

By: Sunday May 29, 2011 8:08 am

A week ago, George Will advised Tim Pawlenty that now was the moment for him to make his move. On ABC’s This Week, Pawlenty did so. He got in the “let’s play chicken with the debt limit” car and headed it straight towards the cliff, joining the growing list of Tea-GOP presidential wannabes who should never be given a license to drive.

What Would Jesus Say About the Rev. Franklin Graham?

By: Sunday April 24, 2011 1:00 pm

One can only wonder what an intelligent, worldly woman like Christiane Amanpour must have thought as she interviewed the Rev. Franklin Graham. Whether it was cynicism or cluelessness about Christianity that convinced ABC’s This Week to feature Graham, I cannot say. What I will say is that Franklin Graham came across as one of the phoniest, stupidest “religious” hucksters I’ve ever listened to. Happy Easter to you too, ABC.

John McCain’s “US Made” iPhone Makes for Many Sick Chinese Workers

By: Monday March 7, 2011 11:15 am

I’ve seen no mention of the fact that the workers at one Chinese iPhone plant were all getting sick because an iPhone manufacturer, Wintek, switched to n-hexane rather than alcohol to make the manufacturing process seconds faster.

Late Night: What an Anti-Journalism World Looks Like

By: Monday February 7, 2011 8:00 pm

This is what we do, human beings, we look around our own lives and we talk about what’s going on. It’s the only way we do this, the only way we really connect. And as a reporter sometimes your job is to point the camera at something somebody else doesn’t want it pointed at, and tell everyone you can as much as you can about what’s going on. And that job is dangerous, and it’s scary, and it’s necessary as blood.

The world that anti-journalism conservatives, the ones who rant about the “lamestream media” and chat and wave their fists at reporters, envision? That world, in which “enemy journalists” publishing stuff they don’t like and stuff that contradicts their worldview are harassed out of business, beaten, even killed? It’s happening now in Egypt. I hope they’re watching. I hope they’re paying attention.

And I hope, though I have no reason on earth to believe they’ll ever think this hard, that they’re wondering if this is really so very funny after all.

Axelrod and McConnell Take ABC’s Amanpour and US Down the Rabbit Hole

By: Sunday September 26, 2010 12:30 pm

After watching White House Adviser David Axelrod on ABC’s This Week, one can easily understand the lack of enthusiasm for an aimless Democratic Party that can’t even stand up and fight for what it’s supporters believe because it’s led from the top down by incompetent and corrupt corporatists.

Afghan Straw Man: Defense Sec. Gates Grasps at Excuses for Floundering Strategy

By: Monday August 2, 2010 6:05 am

Robert Gates continued his anti-Wikileaks tour Sunday on ABC with Christiane Amanpour, calling Wikileaks “morally culpable” for the release of informant names and for releasing methods of US engagement in the field. Ahmed Rashid came on later and advised that these logs are years old, may include false names, and the informants named therein may have moved on. You can’t have it both ways. Either this is old news or it isn’t.

Sunday Talking Heads: August 1, 2010

By: Sunday August 1, 2010 2:00 am

Christiane Amanpour starts work today as a Sunday Talking Head, may she shake things up.

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