MA-GOP Senate Frontrunner, Like the Party Itself, Has a Bias Problem

By: Friday March 8, 2013 12:40 pm

Five candidates — two Democrats and three Republicans — are vying for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts vacated by John Kerry. All of these candidates support marriage equality except Mike Sullivan, a Republican, who thinks that gays should be barred from civil marriage.


Watch Joe Scarborough React to a Hapless Romney Rally Vid, Romneybot 5.0 Release Imminent

By: Wednesday September 26, 2012 5:00 pm

I’ve watched this video at least five times and it’s so hilarious that I’m almost in tears every time. On NBC News’ Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough reacts to a clip of Mitt Romney trying to rally the crowd to stop chanting “Ryan, Ryan” to say “Romney/Ryan.” Scarborough covers his face, and says “Sweet Jesus.”

In the ‘What Were They Thinking’ Dept: Rick Santorum Launches C.U.M.

By: Sunday January 22, 2012 7:20 pm

This comes from the land of “you can’t make this sh*t up.” GOP Clown Car occupant, ace homophobe and bearer of a redefined surname that has become a giant political problem for him on Google, Rick Santorum is not doing himself any more favors by launching the Conservatives United Moneybomb, or C.U.M. for short.

Elizabeth Warren Promises to Protect and Promote Equality

By: Thursday December 15, 2011 12:25 pm

In a welcome development, Elizabeth Warren, the leading Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, has posted a strong statement of support for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Rick Perry: Strong on Bigotry

By: Wednesday December 7, 2011 6:30 pm

The ad’s not going over well. Not surprising, since insulting our soldiers and defining an entire religion based on your own narrow beliefs isn’t the American way.

FDL Movie Night: Pricele$$

By: Monday November 8, 2010 5:00 pm

What is the cost of getting elected? A lot. More zeros than I can count per candidate per election cycle. That money comes from their own personal wealth and even more so from campaign donations; case in point, failed California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, who could have done a lot more good for California giving that $140 million (forty of it hers), to schools and causes, funding small locally businesses in depressed neighborhoods, investing and spreading her wealth, rather than spending her owns and the combined of others besides. For decades it has taken small fortunes to get elected, or at least to run: Kennedy, Bush, Kerry, McCain, Edwards, these are storied and even more so moneyed names which come to mind as using personal wealth. Candidates without such a kick start need to work even harder to raise money, and along the way, America has lost. Pricele$$ points out that politics is not a poor man’s business. Yet the majority of Americans lack the funding to run for office, should they so choose.

GRITtv: Does An Outsider Stand A Chance In A Congressional Race?

By: Wednesday May 28, 2008 5:03 pm

A chat about inside/outside electoral strategy and reality. This, and the full hour of GRITtv: Hillary and the RFK flap, Iraqi insurgency “Meeting Resistance”, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, and Stop The Clash of Civilizations from

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