Muslim American Groups and Individuals Boycott White House Ramadan Dinner

By: Tuesday July 15, 2014 7:40 am

Muslim American groups and individuals are boycotting the White House’s Iftar dinner and will instead be participating or supporting a protest outside the White House against United States government policies, which disproportionately impact Muslims all over the world.


Mozilla CEO Steps Down Amid OkCupid Led Backlash to Anti-Gay Marriage Views

By: Friday April 4, 2014 5:01 pm

That this decision was inspired by a dating website standing up for the rights of their membership is a pretty powerful reminder of how far we’ve come.

Coca-Cola Soda Sales, Profits Down, Boycott On

By: Tuesday February 18, 2014 6:31 pm

LGBTQ activists around the world are boycotting Coca-Cola for its sponsorship of the Winter Olympics and thus a tacit endorsement of Russian President’s Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay stance.

Richard Branson: “Boycott Uganda Over Anti-LGBT Law”

By: Tuesday December 24, 2013 4:32 pm

British billionaire Richard Branson called for a boycott of Uganda. The African nation’s parliament passed a bill that proposes a life sentence for certain homosexual acts. The bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay people to the police.

Spaghetti Fight: Pasta CEO’s Anti-Gay Comments Draw Backlash, Boycotts

By: Sunday September 29, 2013 11:59 am

The moral of this story is pretty clear. Whether you’re Chick-fil-A or Urban Outfitters or any of these other companies that have publicly said something problematic about an entire demographic — people are paying attention, and they will absolutely buy their pasta elsewhere.

Ender’s Game: Orson Scott Card Gets Even Crazier, More Hateful

By: Thursday August 15, 2013 11:45 am

Orson Scott Card is the homo-hatin’ author of Ender’s Game who is also a producer of and presumably profit-taker from the eponymous film due out in November from Lions Gate. He has proven himself to be an equal opportunist disliker of non-white people and a loony-toon nutter in this May 9, 2013 essay, originally published in something called The Rhinoceros Times. Card spins a paranoid (admitted) fantasy about Obama becoming a dictator.

Winter Olympic Sports Federations Oppose Discrimination, So Why Aren’t They Speaking Up?

By: Friday August 2, 2013 8:30 am

While pundits and athletes and politicians speak out about the anti-LGBT laws that were recently enacted in Russia, and the ongoing violence against LGBTs there, and the question of a boycott of the Sochi games is argued all around, the silence from the sports associations that govern the sports that would compete at Sochi is deafening.

Given the non-discrimination statements in the governing documents of every one of these federations, as well as the Olympic Charter itself, speaking out ought to be a no-brainer. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what those governing documents say . . . and then maybe people need to think about moving the games.

ND Supremes: Locked-Out Crystal Sugar Workers Eligible for Unemployment Benefits

By: Thursday February 28, 2013 5:55 am

This judgement, if the North Dakota legislature doesn’t immediately try to block it with a bogus law, means that these workers’ lives just got a little better.

Coalition Successful at Getting Corporations to Drop ALEC

By: Thursday April 5, 2012 2:05 pm

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the protest movements and boycott groups, and they get lost in the shuffle. But a quietly successful movement against ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, deserves some attention.

141 Advertisers Rush Away from Limbaugh

By: Tuesday March 13, 2012 7:40 am

As of Monday, 141 advertisers had evacuated the Rush Limbaugh show, and The Wrap reports that Limbaught’s synidcator, Premier Network, owned by Clear Channel, had withdrawn all national advertising slots for two weeks.

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