A Chat With Michelangelo Signorile About the End of the Blend

By: Thursday June 20, 2013 9:31 am

We discussed the state of blogging back in 2004 when the Blend launched, and how it has changed over the years, particularly with the recent high impact of social media on activism.


Pentagon Internet Filtering Blocks Major LGBT, Political Blogs (Including PHB), Lets Hate Groups Through

By: Saturday January 5, 2013 7:52 am

I guess if you’re black, a lesbian, political and write a blog you’re really a national security threat in the eyes of the Pentagon. And you have to read the DOD response.

FDL Book Salon Welcomes David Karpf, The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy

By: Saturday July 21, 2012 1:59 pm

Dave Karpf’s exceptional book The MoveOn Effect examines and explains the rise of the Netroots, putting organizations like MoveOn.org, the PCCC, and DailyKos (and, I daresay, Firedoglake!) in historical and academic context. There is a rich study of political institutions and organizations that Karpf is able to tap into to better plumb the depths of what we have now, how it is different from what came before, and where we might be heading. Dave not only brings an academic and historical point of view, but he brings an activist point of view. For many years, he’s been a leader in the Sierra Club, serving on their National Board of Directors from 2004 to 2010.

Sneak Preview: FDL Rises in April Wikio Rankings

By: Monday April 5, 2010 7:46 am

The new Wikio blog rankings are about to be released, and because of our rather impressive surge, they gave us an advanced peek. FDL has jumped to ninth place among all political blogs, and considerably higher if you are looking at the so-called left side of the blogosphere.

I’d like to think that FDL’s growth is the result of contributors, moderators, support staff and all the commenters and readers working tirelessly to provide original reporting, meaningful analysis, and a place where policy is valued over personality, and results mean more than rhetoric.

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