Tell Bill O’Reilly to Buy USA-Made T-Shirts for His Patriot Store

By: Thursday June 4, 2009 1:30 pm

We heard Bill O’Reilly is having trouble finding American-made T-shirts to sell in his Patriot Store. We know he’s heartbroken because, after all, what good is a Patriot Store if its products are made in El Salvador or Haiti? (Especially if you’re selling red, white and blue “American Patriot” T-shirts, like the one on the left.)

We heard he can’t find made-in-the-USA T-shirts because O’Reilly said so himself (h/t to D-Day).


Papa Bear Sighted in the Rockies

By: Wednesday August 27, 2008 7:35 am

Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t sign my loufa. Video.

Fox Calls MSNBC “Biased” and “Political”

By: Thursday May 22, 2008 2:06 pm

This YouTube is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, with the blow-dry circle of Fox and Friends accusing MSNBC of being overly political and biased. O’Really? I always assumed that O’Reilly himself was always in danger of throwing a rod over Olbermann’s taunting, but that the network as a whole took a “good for ratings” attitude about it.

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