BuzzFeed Editor Fired After 41 Instances Of Plagiarism Found

By: Monday July 28, 2014 2:20 pm

The results of BuzzFeed’s internal review are back and they aren’t pretty. In a post entitled “An Apology to Our Readers”, BuzzFeed’s Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith disclosed that after reviewing 500 posts from one of BuzzFeed’s leading reporters, Benny Johnson, Smith and others discovered “41 instances of sentences or phrases copied word for word from other sites.”


BuzzFeed and The ‘Tongues of Fire’

By: Wednesday March 19, 2014 3:59 pm

When Buzzfeed posted an article attacking Max Blumenthal by using his father many were left in shock and awe. The author, Rosie Gray, and Blumenthal had a combative history, but using someone’s dad to attack them? That takes the politics of personal destruction to whole new level, surely this was the worst kind of personal attack.

Or was it?

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith Says He ‘Hates Advocacy Journalism’ While Defending Smear on Max Blumenthal

By: Friday November 8, 2013 1:10 pm

Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith, speaking at the Columbia School of Journalism, disclosed that he “hated” advocacy journalism instead preferring the theoretical (arguably mythical) objective journalism. A posture where reporters are to present themselves as detached and free from personal bias.

Buzzfeed’s Snowden and Greenwald Smears Under Fire

By: Monday July 1, 2013 6:30 pm

In a response to statements by some TV personalities that Glenn Greenwald should be imprisoned for doing journalism Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor of the New York Times, wrote a post discussing the virtue of Greenwald’s work and offered a definition of what a journalist is. In Sullivan’s view a real journalist is “one who understands, at a cellular level, and doesn’t shy away from, the adversarial relationship between government and press – the very tension that America’s founders had in mind with the First Amendment.”

Buzzfeed’s Partnership With Koch Brothers Under Fire

By: Saturday May 18, 2013 7:52 am

The Koch Brothers seem to be in the middle of a strategy shift. Previously the billionaire oil barons who made their money the old fashioned way (they inherited it) used various think tanks like the Cato Institute and the Reason Foundation to launder their deregulation and tax cut agenda. Now the Kochs, after advancing astroturfing groups like FreedomWorks to browbeat the press, are trying to get into the media business outright.

The Problem Is That Overall ObamaCare Is a Terrible Deal

By: Monday February 11, 2013 7:15 pm

The problem is that the Affordable Care Act is overall a bad idea if you look at it from this lifetime perspective. Let’s even leave aside the huge issue that it does nothing to address the fact that the government allow hospitals, drug companies and doctors to charge Americans prices way above international norms.

PJ Crowley: If US Mistreats Its Own, “Will My Words Be Credible?”

By: Tuesday April 19, 2011 12:30 pm

The United States believes, Crowley said, in a vibrant independent press. The United States is committed to the promotion of freedom of expression. The United States considers social networking to be akin to freedom of assembly–and it defends such assembly. The United States doesn’t silence dissidents.

AFSCME Prez McEntee: Rahm is a “Progressive Force,” Liberals Should “Suck it Up”

By: Thursday September 30, 2010 2:00 pm

This is, as Gerry McEntee might say, “Bullshit!” Via Ben Smith, McEntee praises Rahm on the Chief of Staff’s way out of DC and endorses him for mayor of Chicago.

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