Chuck Hagel Confirmed

By: Wednesday February 27, 2013 8:55 am

After a long, bitter, and at times surreal confirmation process fmr. Senator Chuck Hagel has been confirmed as Secretary of Defense. The vote was 58-41 with only four Republicans voting in favor of the nomination despite Hagel previously being a member of the Senate Republican Caucus. Hagel was attacked continually by the right-wing of the Republican Party and conservative media for being soft on Iran and antagonistic towards Israel. The confirmation vote did little to satisfy critics who continue to maintain their opposition to Hagel serving as Defense Secretary.


Mitch McConnell’s Office Pulls a Shapiro, Demagogues Obvious Joke as if It Were Fact

By: Monday February 25, 2013 7:40 am

Back in October, the Duffel Blog — which is a satirical site, sort of a military-minded version of The Onion — put up a post stating that Guantanamo prisoners were to receive G.I. Bill benefits. And guess what? One of Senator Mitch McConnell’s constituents (a person who like Shapiro is stupid or mendacious or both) reported it as fact to McConnell’s office, which in turn forwarded the note to DoD on the assumption it was fact.

Breitbart Reporter Accused of Promoting Fake Hamas Group to Derail Hagel Nomination

By: Thursday February 21, 2013 11:40 am

It seems unlikely that Hagel would take money from a group named “Friends of Hamas” or any group tied to Hamas even if he harbored the deep antisemitic views his other detractors claim he has. But this is surely the ugliest nomination process I have ever seen and seems more a demonstration of the dysfunction of Washington than the failings of Chuck Hagel.

Happy Days – A Secret Anti-Viet Nam Plot Full of Liburul Sekrit Messages?

By: Tuesday May 31, 2011 8:00 pm

According to Primetime Propaganda, a new book by conservative author Ben Shapiro, there is a huge underground river of liberal propaganda that subtly (and not so subtly) flows into American television. Conservatives lost the TV war, he weeps, rending his cable guide.

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