Syria, Disinformation and the Dying Empire

By: Wednesday August 28, 2013 3:30 pm

The problem with having lost my faith in the institutions of Democracy, is that I find myself in disbelief of anyone advancing an agenda such as is being done for US war against Syria. How do we separate the information from the disinformation? But they used chemical weapons against their people didn’t they? Well, if you take the unknown evidence presented by Israeli Intelligence at face value, maybe.


Cost of Doing Business With Banks Funding Terrorists: Er…Not Much

By: Saturday December 15, 2012 7:00 pm

We’ve just learned that the DoJ decided that secretly laundering hundreds of millions of drug cartel money through their banks globally will cost HSBC…$1.92 billion in a settlement that includes…no criminal prosecutions. But, oh, my stars, the folks at HSBC promise never to do such careless stuff again! Neil Barofsky says that there were also hundreds of millions of more dollars of illegally disguised transactions with ‘rogue’ nations such as Iran and Sudan.

Hunger Games

By: Wednesday August 29, 2012 8:00 pm

The increasingly surreal reality show that is the Republican Convention is rapidly shaping up to be one of the most offensive displays of mendacity, racism, and bloodlust the Republicans have yet performed, as evidenced in the “color” stories coming out of it. From a black CNN camera operator pelted with nuts by some slack-jawed cracker slurring, “this is how we feed animals,” and a Puerto Rican billionairess speaker shouted down by the mob chanting, “USA,” Ann Romney waxing lyrical about her “real” marriage, to a bloated and surly Chris Christie bragging about union-busting in his laughable fake Sopranos style, the whole undeniably engrossing spectacle, harried by a hurricane, is just a few midgets shy of a Fellini movie.

Late Night FDL: Privatopia

By: Thursday March 15, 2012 8:00 pm

Once again, Republicans have proposed privatizing Medicare, despite the rather chilly reception this transcendently idiotic idea received last time. The logic is, as always, is that the hallowed Private Sector just does everything better than that wasteful, extravagant, ol’ Big Gummint, so why would caring for sick old people be any different? I won’t bore you with inconsequential minutia about risk pools, demographics, or, well, what makes health insurance pencil out as a business proposition, but I wish that, for once, they’d give an example wherein this cockamamie notion actually worked.

Our Banana Republic: US Income Inequality Grows

By: Thursday September 9, 2010 6:05 am

We’re Americans. We can dismiss the possibility we live in a banana republic as nonsense, right?

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