Crazy like a completely sane person

By: Thursday October 2, 2014 1:30 am

The U.S. overthrow a government? Why I never! That’s crazy talk!


From the Stage of the Oscars to a Concert in Kiev: Jared Leto Goes to Ukraine

By: Thursday March 13, 2014 5:00 pm

Last night, the war zone that’s been the city of Kiev took a musical turn as bands descended into Ukraine to show solidarity and support for the protesters.

Documents Tie Henry Kissinger to ‘Dirty War’ in Argentina

By: Thursday January 16, 2014 2:00 pm

Ever since The Trial of Henry Kissinger came out linking the former Secretary of State to illegal bombing in Cambodia, genocide in East Timor, and a coup in Chile there has been a renewed interest in discovering more about Kissinger and his conduct as a government official. That renewed interest has led to another discovery of Kissinger’s complicity in human rights abuses.

A Nuanced Opening Look at Pope Francis

By: Saturday March 16, 2013 11:00 am

In all the writing and (for lack of a better word) pontificating about the new pope, one area of discussion that has some of the most misinformation and misunderstanding has to do liberation theology and the new pope’s relation to it in the 1970s as the supervisor of Jesuit priests at the time. Sifting through some of the profiles of Bergoglio, done by people who understand both the church and Argentina, paints a portrait of the new pope that shows a deep compassion for the poor, disdain for those who seek to puff up their own importance (both outside and inside the church), and also a leader who requires obedience from those he leads.

At this point, everyone is reading tea leaves, including me. With that said, and given the possible other candidates who were mentioned as Benedict’s successor, I’m mildly optimistic about Francis. A pope who isn’t automatically bound by how things were done before, and who sticks up for the poor, single mothers, and those on the margins, has a lot to teach some of the rest of the hierarchy of the Catholic church.

Lakeside Diner

By: Monday July 9, 2012 4:45 am

A variety of links to articles/interviews/speeches on current issues that may be of interest.

Changed Times For Trans People In Argentina

By: Wednesday July 4, 2012 12:20 pm

I can’t imagine a corporate business entity in the United States creating this kind of commercial for our National audience — one that gives a positive portrayal of trans people. A commercial in the vein of this Banco Provincial commercial would either help move society to acceptance of trans experience as perhaps ordinary and unremarkable, or reflect that trans experience is widely accepted by broader society as unremarkable.

Lakeside Diner

By: Friday June 29, 2012 4:45 am

A variety of links to articles/interviews/speeches on current issues that may be of interest.

Fatster’s News Roundup from April 30, 2012

By: Tuesday May 1, 2012 6:30 am

Fatster compilies links and news from April 30, 2012, including stories from all over South America, Argentina, Mexican journalists, Colombian journalists, France, Spain, Iceland, Greece, Texas and other foreign lands.

The Washington Post Continues Its Love Affair With NAFTA and Disdain for Facts

By: Monday April 30, 2012 7:15 am

The Washington Post was a strong supporter of NAFTA at the time the deal was approved. It continues to be a strong defender of the pact nearly two decades later. It has repeatedly shown itself willing to make up facts or just ignore them to push its pro-NAFTA line.

FDL Book Salon Welcomes James K. Galbraith, Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis

By: Saturday April 7, 2012 1:59 pm

James Galbraith’s Inequality and Instability updates and motivates two intertwined and core issues facing the world today. Professor Galbraith takes on the macroeconomy, economics profession, and the structural trends in the world economy.

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