FDL Book Salon Welcomes Steve Early, The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor: Birth of a New Workers’ Movement or Death Throes of the Old?

By: Saturday September 10, 2011 1:59 pm

Labor commentator, and former union staffer, Steve Early draws on years of trade union activism to shed light on labor’s troubled path over the last decade. His recent book, The Civil War’s in US Labor, examines the internal conflicts which have wracked the labor movement over the last decade: the 2005 split of several international unions from the AFL-CIO to form the Change to Win coalition, the subsequent fracturing of Change to Win, and the internal conflict within the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).


Stimulus Is Not a Bad Word and John M. Keynes Was Smarter than John Boehner

By: Saturday September 11, 2010 6:00 pm

Three (sorta) “positive” stories about economic stimulus all came together in the last couple of days. They suggest that even when the forces of darkness are trying their hardest to make us stupid, it’s possible we can actually sort out the truth.

Former SEIU Boss Stern Proposes Partial Investment of Social Security Trust Fund in Stock Market

By: Thursday July 1, 2010 9:00 am

The market has been extremely volatile of late. An investment 10 years ago would have yielded almost no gains, and would have absorbed a giant loss in 2008. Too much of the stock market these days is ruled not by efficient capital flows, but high-frequency trading and other forms of gambling, none of which will be ameliorated by the financial reform bill. Putting 10-15% of the trust fund into that casino could result in lower returns or even losses from the safe investments in which it’s currently exposed.

Transpartisan Coalition Scores Victory: Audit the Fed Passes Senate, 96-0

By: Tuesday May 11, 2010 10:11 am

The Senate just passed the Sanders amendment, Audit the Fed, by a vote of 96-0. Though a weaker version than the Paul-Grayson bill that passed the House, the amendment calls for a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve from December, 2007 until the bill is signed into law. This period covers many of the Fed’s [...]

Mary Kay Henry Takes the Helm of SEIU

By: Sunday May 9, 2010 12:45 pm

SEIU has a new President. The union’s executive committee elected health care organizer Mary Kay Henry as SEIU’s first female president today, after now President Emeritus Andy Stern announced his resignation several weeks ago.

Ron Paul Says Sanders “Switched and Watered Down” Audit the Fed (Video and Transcript)

By: Friday May 7, 2010 6:05 am

Good for Ron Paul for telling Rahm and his little pro-bank whip operation to get stuffed. He’s seizing a moment of transpartisan anger at the banks and he’s pointing it straight at the Wall Street apologists. It will be interesting to see how far he can take it.

Cat Food Commission Will Be Carried Out Partially In Secret

By: Tuesday May 4, 2010 11:45 am

I wonder if anyone will wait outside the door in the Cannon office building tomorrow while the first working group plots to force the middle class to “sacrifice” for the bailouts of the rich and connected. Maybe someone will put a glass up to the door and listen in and get us a rough sketch of what they have planned.

SEIU’s Andy Stern to Step Down

By: Tuesday April 13, 2010 6:00 am

Ben Smith dropped a bombshell this evening with his report that SEIU President Andy Stern will resign. Stern, president of one of the country’s biggest unions since 1996, reportedly plans to resign before the end of his term in 2012. So what’s really going on here?

AFL-CIO on LieberCare: “Inadequate,” Funded “Wrong Way”

By: Thursday December 17, 2009 2:30 pm

The AFL-CIO issued a statement on LieberCare, and the labor federation isn’t happy. President Richard Trumka says the current bill is “inadequate,” is funded “the wrong way,” and stops short of outright opposing the whole package for now.

SEIU: Unions, Congress, Obama Must Fight to Make Health Reform Better than Senate Bill

By: Thursday December 17, 2009 6:59 am

This is one of the first times that any union has publicly called on President Obama to actually use his power as President. It’s significant, in that context.

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