Idle No More Rally – Anchorage, Friday January 11th, 2013 – A Good Start

By: Saturday January 12, 2013 7:00 pm

Idle No More has rapidly spread from Southcentral Canada, into the U.S. upper midwest, the U.S. side of the St. Lawrence river valley, to the Pacific Northwest south of British Columbia, and into other countries with subjugated indigenous populations. Begun less than two months ago, it is spreading like the Ghost Dance movement on steroids. I’ve heard it referred to locally as “Re-Occupy Wounded Knee,” which might not be fair, as that de-Canada-izes the movement’s origin.


Occupy Anchorage Is Hanging in There

By: Sunday January 8, 2012 12:30 pm

After a talk with one of my friends at firedoglake this afternoon, I visited the Occupy Anchorage encampment this (Saturday) evening. All I can say after visiting it is that two tents and some signs are there. It was almost 11:00 pm, so I didn’t find any occupiers present. The signs indicate upcoming events.

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