Climate Change Policies Dead in the Water With New Congress

By: Thursday November 6, 2014 11:23 am

Much has been made of the fact that immigration reform is going to have a tough time getting through Congress now that Republicans have taken control of both chambers, but an issue that appears to have even less of a chance of getting addressed in the next two years is climate change. If anything, Republicans taking control of Congress may exacerbate the situation.

Start with who is going to takeover the committee in the Senate responsible for climate change related legislation now that the GOP is in control, Senator James “it;’s a hoax” Inhofe.


President Obama Addresses Midterm Election Results In Press Conference

By: Thursday November 6, 2014 7:50 am

Yesterday President Barack Obama gave his post mortem press conference on the Republican sweep of the 2014 elections. He said Republicans ran good campaign campaigns but thought the real message from the electorate was that they want Washington to “get the job done” despite voting overwhelmingly for divided government.

Upcoming Republican Sweep May Offer Obama Second Chance For ‘Grand Bargain’

By: Monday November 3, 2014 12:31 pm

While some are lamenting the likely Democratic loss of the Senate, even questioning the need for midterms altogether, one person who may be seeing an opportunity in the GOP takeover is President Barack Obama. A Republican controlled Congress could provide the opening for Obama to pursue his much sought after “Grand Bargain” on social security and medicare.

Video: Republican Climate Deniers in 2014 Election

By: Tuesday October 28, 2014 7:14 pm

This video is a mixture of painfully-awkward, hilarious, and infuriating at the reality of the political system in which we are supposedly represented. Courtesy of Lee Fang, for Republic Report and Huffington Post.

And there’s more out there, if you can bear it. I promise that the end of this blog will not be as pessimistic as what follows.

Late Night: Government Shutdown Planned for December 11

By: Sunday October 12, 2014 8:00 pm

Capitol Hill Republicans are planning another shutdown, because they can.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Defeated In Primary

By: Wednesday June 11, 2014 7:12 am

For the first time since the position was created in 1899 a sitting Majority Leader of the House of Representatives has been defeated in a party primary. Eric Cantor was soundly defeated last night in Virginia’s 7th congressional district Republican primary by David Brat, a conservative college professor who represented the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.

Come Saturday Morning: The Tea Party, the DNC’s Best Friend

By: Saturday March 1, 2014 6:45 am

“I am stunned that Senator Cruz is involved in this fundraising effort for a group that has targeted his colleagues in the Republican caucus,” Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, told CNN.

It’s State of the Union Tuesday

By: Tuesday January 28, 2014 2:32 pm

Join us tonight at 9pm ET when President Obama will deliver his 2014 State of the Union address.

Who Facebook Indicates Will Control the Senate

By: Tuesday January 21, 2014 10:10 am

This is an interesting article on using Facebook to try to predict elections. Apparently in 2012 higher Facebook fan engagement was correlated with winning close elections, so political scientists are looking what this might mean for 2014.

‪#‎HopefulNewYear‬ Project: 2014 (Video)

By: Thursday January 2, 2014 4:14 pm

Mic Check!

A group of Occupy activists, in conversation on social media chat, thought about how to get the messages of what we stand for in all of our efforts.  Too often the mainstream media can cloud a message of a movement.  We are not strictly complaining, we want to solve these problems.

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