On Tuesday, the Free Times in Columbia, South Carolina broke the story of the “You Lie”-inscribed assault rifle parts being sold by Palmetto State Armory to “honor” Congressman Joe Wilson, who shouted that line in his infamous interruption of President Barack Obama’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress in September of 2009. The Free Times article points out the presence of a photograph of Wilson with Armory founder Jamin McCallum on the webpage selling the part, and reports that the photo was taken during an August, 2010 visit by Wilson to the Armory.

In comments on a post I wrote in response to the Free Times story, I noted the presence of a seal in the photograph of Wilson and McCallum and wondered whether it is legal to use such a seal in an advertisement for a product, since it creates the impression of government endorsement. Getting no response to the question, I then found the relevant law (scroll down to section 713).