Navy Sets Goal For ‘Offensive Operations In Cyberspace’

By: Wednesday April 8, 2015 11:00 am

Defense Sec. Ashton Carter backs the #TPP, saying its passage is as important to him as an aircraft defense carrier: — BusinessForward (@BusinessForward) April 8, 2015 As the White House claims that to have been hacked by Russia, the US Navy is going full speed ahead on its own cyberwarfare program. Unlike the typical public [...]


US May Offer Middle East Countries Nuclear Weapons Commitment

By: Wednesday April 8, 2015 9:00 am

Take us to Derpcon 1. In what may be one of the dumbest ideas expressed out loud in US foreign policy history, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Obama Administration officials are floating the idea of extending the US nuclear umbrella to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East.  Such an agreement would obligate the US [...]

The Roundup

By: Wednesday April 8, 2015 7:00 am

How are you doing today? International Politics Overall – Pew: Citizens in both the U.S. and Japan say they trust each other and both do not trust China – In a joint press conference, the leaders of Iran and Turkey called for fighting to end in Yemen – The Red Cross warned a “catastrophic” situation would develop in Aden, [...]

Over Easy: Police officer killing Walter Scott captured on video

By: Wednesday April 8, 2015 4:21 am

Rather than provide more description, I’m recommending readers watch the video, which is only a little over 3 minutes long, and pay attention to what Slager does after the shooting. He appears to reach down and pick up something that he then carries with him as he walks toward Scott’s body. After handcuffing Scott, he returns to where he was standing when he fired the shots and appears to pick up something else. Then he returns to the body.

Late Night FDL: Dancing Fool

By: Tuesday April 7, 2015 8:00 pm

Frank Zappa – Dancing Fool

Zappa’s final and 100th album, Dance Me This, will be released in June…

DEA Surveillance Program Harvested Americans’ Call Records—And It Took Snowden’s Disclosures to End It

By: Tuesday April 7, 2015 6:00 pm

The United States government harvested the records of billions of Americans’ international phone calls for over two decades. It was ended by the Justice Department in September 2013 after disclosures by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden brought widespread attention to massive government surveillance. The surveillance program was made public by the Justice Department in January. The [...]

In Historic Chicago Runoff Election, It’s Grassroots vs. the One Percent

By: Tuesday April 7, 2015 5:00 pm

With platforms on opposite ends of the spectrum, Chicago mayoral candidates Rahm Emanuel and Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia face off By Nadia Prupis Chicago voters on Tuesday went to the polls to choose between incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his populist challenger, Cook County commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, in a runoff mayoral election which has come [...]

Interactive Guide to Corporate Donors, Political Favors and the Clinton Charities

By: Tuesday April 7, 2015 3:00 pm

We’ve shared with you that of the 425 large corporate donors to the Clinton Foundation, the Wall Street Journal found 60 of those donors lobbied the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure. We’ve shared with you how Candidate Clinton, who cites the rights of women as a cornerstone of her campaign, accepted millions through her [...]

Pakistan Judge Orders Police Chief to Register Murder Case Against CIA Officials for Drone Strike

By: Tuesday April 7, 2015 1:05 pm

An Islamabad High Court judge in Pakistan has directed the police to register a murder and terrorism case against two former CIA officials for their alleged involvement in a drone strike that killed Pakistanis. Kareem Khan’s teenage son, Zahinullah, and his brother, Asif Iqbal, were killed on December 31, 2009, in a CIA drone strike [...]

Rand Paul Announces Presidential Candidacy

By: Tuesday April 7, 2015 11:00 am

Rand Paul is selling an "NSA spy cam blocker" through his presidential campaign website: — The Hill (@thehill) April 7, 2015 Today Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced he is running for president.The kickoff event included a video of Paul providing medical care in the developing world playing on his background as an eye [...]

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