On Wisconsin and Beyond: The War on the Working Class

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Firedoglake coverage of State Public Employee and Collective Bargaining Protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and beyond.


Solidarity with Wisconsin here at FDL and MyFDL — Rayne rounds up Firedoglake members’ reporting on their actions across the country.

Nashville’s Solidarity With Wisconsin — Check out masaccio at Tennessee’s capitol with Mrs. masaccio; such a cute couple of “radicals.”

#WIUNION – Denver Solidarity Action — Community member Kelly Canfield attended the rally in Denver where it was sunny in more ways than one today.

NY Hearts Wisconsin — watertiger snaps great shots in NYC along with a choice LOL photo.

CA Unions & Others Demonstrate In Support Of WI Protestors @ Capital — Mary McCurnin rallied in Sacramento and took a lot of nice photos to share with us.

A Southeast Rally in Solidarity with Wisconsin — Community member Jim Hickey captures the energy of union workers rallying in Atlanta, Georgia; it’s a good sign in a state where only 4 percent of workers are union members.


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