Food Sunday: Cheese Toast, or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup

By: Sunday October 5, 2014 1:15 pm

As the subject of what variety of cheese on toast to have with tomato soup came up recently between me and another pup who remembers this as a childhood event, I’m throwing it to you.

When I was a child, we often had canned tomato soup, served with a slice of toast with cheese melted on it. This was called cheese toast, and probably was usually Velveeta. For our fellow pup, spudtruckowner, it was the same soup, but with his sandwich two pieces of bread, buttered on both sides, grilled on a flat griddle on the stove. His was a grilled cheese sandwich, and probably also made with Velveeta.


The Fall Pie Supper Custom

By: Saturday October 4, 2014 6:20 pm

Depending on how the argument works out on any given day, the pie might require three or four eggs, and they might be separated or not, but you have to grab the eggs out from underneath the chickens. When eggs are this fresh- grabbed from under a hen- they are hard to separate- so you may have to wait a day or two, to separate the white from the yolk.

On National Day of Maize in Mexico, Protecting the Sacred Plant

By: Tuesday September 30, 2014 6:34 pm

Mexicans celebrated National Day of Maize September 29, 2014, with demonstrations, marches, and expositions. Known as the Land of Maize, Mexico now imports one-third of this sacred icon and staple food, mostly from the US. A fierce battle is being waged over corn that is still grown in Mexico, with small farmers and seed sovereignty activists pitted against Monsanto and other GMO giants, the Mexican government, the US government, and the World Trade Organization.

Food Sunday: Apple Butter

By: Sunday September 28, 2014 5:20 pm

The fall has treasure of many kinds, but apples appearing everywhere is a major one. When there’s an abundance of fresh, crisp apples to chomp, we also have to think about keeping the many we can find now from spoiling when the season passes. At the moment, applesauce is a quick and easy way I’m putting away apples for later. Another method I’m about to try is apple butter making, and I ran across a wonderful idea, using the crockpot.

Over Easy: To Market To Market ….

By: Tuesday September 23, 2014 6:28 am

The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest market and for my money the best place for meats, fruits and vegetables. Not to mention breads, cookies, cakes, sausages, poultry … you name it. With venders for just about anything. Dairy, pasta, Mexican, fish and even Asian.

Sunday Food: Pickles

By: Sunday September 21, 2014 2:34 pm

Since we’ve talked about the various relishes for sandwich making, it seems only natural that we conclude with a mention of the many added tangy pickles that make a sandwich more interesting yet. There are so many varieties, I doubt any of us like them all, particularly all at once, but without the pickles many of us would find our munchies a bit dull.

Sunday Food: Ketchup

By: Sunday August 31, 2014 6:30 pm

Since we talked about mustard last week, it’s definitely time to deal with ketchup. As I’ve mentioned, I lost my taste for ketchup some time back, and don’t use it now. However, I’m probably in the minority there, and I do notice that the stores have at least as much ketchup on their shelves as there are mustards, with much less variety.

Right Wing’s Latest Target: Poor Children Who Need Food

By: Tuesday August 26, 2014 8:59 am

While Wall Street takes hundreds of billions in taxpayer money with a permanent bailout guarantee and the Pentagon can not account for a trillion dollars and remains inauditable, the reactionaries have a new target for their outrage over government dependency – poor children who need food.

Sunday Food: Mustard

By: Sunday August 24, 2014 4:10 pm

Some of us crave that bit of sour, spicy undertaste to go with our bread and fillings, cheese or meat or other sort, and I am among the ones that want it full of pickle lilt as well.

Yellow or brown is the next choice, and if there’s a darker, browner one, especially with bits of the mustard seed in it, I’ll go in that direction. It’s bearable to use the yellow sort, but in my taste category that’s just baby food, I’m really happier with an earthier taste.

Sunday Food: Cashews

By: Sunday August 10, 2014 1:12 pm

One of the nuts that is grown in Central America and has been familiarized in this country along with its diminishing costs is the cashew nut. A tree nut, it is rich in antioxidants, quite healthy and nutritious. It is one of the most distinct tastes among nuts.

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