BP Report Designed to Make Partners Liable

BP has released an internal investigation into the Deepwater Horizon rig disaster, which led to the release of five million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The report and accompanying video basically blames everyone for the disaster, from misreadings of well integrity tests before the explosion, to the failure of the blowout preventer, to flawed design of various other prevention systems.

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EPA Suspends BP From New Federal Government Contracts
11/28/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

Gulf Coast Oil Rig Explosion Kills Two
11/16/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

BP Criminal Settlement Announced: $4.5 Billion Fine, 2 Charged With Manslaughter
11/15/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

BP, Justice Department Close to Settlement in Deepwater Horizon Case; BP to Plead Guilty of Criminal Misconduct
11/15/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

BP Haggling With Government Over Penalty for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
10/01/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

Justice Department Accuses BP of "Gross Negligence" in Oil Disaster
09/05/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

Boehner Maneuvers for Conference Committee on Transportation Bill
04/19/2012 – David Dayen, FDL News Desk

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Say NO to the BP bailout:

We, the undersigned, demand the Senate eliminate the liability cap and force companies to pay for their disasters in full. Taxpayers cannot be expected to bailout another irresponsible corporate giant. We need accountability in business now.

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