Late Nite FDL: God Shows Up for Georgia Photo-Op, Bails

Okay, so rather than address the disastrous lack of planning in our state’s sprawl-ification, on Tuesday, Governor Sonny Perdue held a prayer rally at the state capitol in an effort to coax rain from the sky and end Georgia’s catastrophic drought. And what do you know, God came through.

And as faith, nature and/or God would have it, Georgia did indeed get some rain. Since church and state held their intervention, a quarter of an inch to an inch of rain have fallen across northern portions of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

Unfortunately, as many of you know, God can be kind of a jerk. He pulled into Atlanta in His Hummer limo, got out, dropped about .25-.75 inches worth of rain (our reservoirs are down about 16 inches on average), jumped back in the car, and drove away, talking on His cell phone the whole time.

So basically, Georgia’s Heavenly Father is the Michael Lohan of deities. He turns up and gives the minimum amount of help He can get away with (while calling as much attention to Himself as possible), then goes on his merry way. Apparently, He loves us just enough to torment us, (more…)

Late Nite FDL: Tell Me Why

Camille Paglia is to writing what the guy from Bronski Beat is to singing. There was a brief moment back in the 80’s when Jimmy Somerville’s eerie countertenor was a good thing. As a distraught gay teen living in a backward southern town, I was sort of duty-bound to buy the 12″ extended single of “Smalltown Boy” and play it until the grooves wore out.

The problem of course was that over the course of Bronski Beat’s brief career (and Somerville’s subsequent venture, The Communards), the singer never made any effort to expand and explore his voice, to add any kind of depth or nuance. He seemed content to just blast away at the same four or five notes and retread the same hoary lyrical themes (You and me/one day we’ll be free, etc., etc…) interminably.

Such is the case with Camille Paglia. She had a moment somewhere back there in the first Bush presidency where she discovered that by striking a contrarian stance on women’s issues and engaging in certain specific button-pushing, attention-seeking behaviors, she could attain a kind of celebrity. That moment of relevance was mercifully brief, but no one, apparently, bothered to pass that information on to Camille.

The editors at Salon haven’t figured it out yet, either. Why do they insist on running her overwrought, under-thought ramblings? (more…)

Late Late Nite FDL: Goodnight William

My friend Poppy:

William died very peacefully at our vet’s office about 9:45 this morning. I knew yesterday that we’d be taking him in but didn’t want to put a damper on anyone’s Halloween by saying so. He started doing badly on Tuesday night, and by yesterday had lost much of his bowel and bladder control and his ability to walk. He didn’t seem to be in pain, just very weak. We shut down the trick-or-treating early and spent the evening in bed with him, which he seemed to enjoy. (Nov 1, 2007, 10:09am)

Poppy wanted me to thank all of you who contributed to William’s medical fund. Between the vitamin injections, steroid shots, and IV fluids, we managed to make the final days a little easier on him and the rest of the family.

And as agreed, here is the song I recorded to thank you all. It’s Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood”, which was a request of Poppy’s. The photo in the clip is of Poppy and William on one of their last nights together.

I could not have put this video together without the invaluable help of newtonusr late, late last night. The guitarist on this (more…)

Late Nite FDL: Dirty Words vs. Dirty Deeds

no hustling or swearingYou know, half-dead Righty scolds like Dennis Prager get a lot of mileage out of accusing “The Left” of having dirty mouths.

As I wrote in my June 5, 2007, column, “‘Buck Fush’ and the Left,” “Higher civilization has always regarded the use of expletives in public (outside of, let us say, theatrical performances) as a form of assault on civilization . . . .”

That is why the amount of public cursing on the left and the way curse words are accepted as part of public and formal discourse may be as significant to understanding the left as anything the left says. It is the left’s way of showing rejection of the values of the middle class and of America’s Judeo-Christian civilization.

So let me get this straight, Mr. Prager. When I read your soulless drivel at Townhall, roll my eyes and say, “Goddamn, this asshole is a shitty writer!”, I am undermining society as you know it and hastening the downfall of “Judeo-Christian civilization”? Well, hot damn! Cos, you know, the bulk of the people in the world are neither Christian nor Jewish and on the whole, our efforts to “Judeo-Christian”-ize the rest of the planet have been violent, shit-stupid clusterfucks like, oh, I dunno, the Crusades. And the War in Iraq.

Clearly, we all need to curse more.

Especially when Karl “Uncle Fucker” Rove is saying things like this: (more…)

Late Late Nite FDL: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

whoopiVia Jezebel, we hear that Righty harridan Laura Ingraham was talking smack about how she was going to go on “The View” and tell those librul bitchez where they could stick it.

About a month ago on her radio show, she discussed her upcoming View appearance and talked a big game, saying, “It’s not gonna be pretty.” (To which her nauseating male sidekick said, “When I think of The View, I never think of pretty anyway — except for Elisabeth.” Ugh!) Laura also said she was gonna “go after” Joy if she tried any of “her tricks.”

Except, you know, it didn’t really go like that.

I wanted to embed the clip, but it looks like you’re going to have to go over the Jezebel to watch it. (There are worse places you could end up!) It’s worth the trip.


Except Joy did bring up a great example of Laura being a hypocrite, and instead of “going after her,” Laura totally pussied out and dodged around the question. So she was right. It wasn’t pretty!

No, indeedy, it wasn’t. My favorite bit was when Whoopi Goldberg patiently and politely (but very firmly) gave Ingraham a history lesson about the (more…)

Late Nite FDL: An Open Plea to Big Media

bullies are cowardsHave you guys seen the SwiftKids for Truth ads? They’re hilarious, but kind of painful as well.

“Hillary Clinton,” opines one kid, “is a thief.”

“She stole stuff from the White House,” adds another, “Like towels and plates and other stuff.”

“Hillary Clinton’s not a woman,” says one particularly adorable little girl, adding emphatically, “She’s a man.”

In the John Edwards ad, we are informed by a precious, mop-topped little boy, “John Edwards paid over four thousand dollars…to get his nails done.”

The painful part is, of course, that these made-up attacks aren’t really all that far off than the sorry-ass election coverage we get from Serious People in the Media, now are they? Basically what is passing for substantive debate about the 2008 election in this country is a jumped up, over-funded form of schoolyard bullying.

Tucker Carlson on Hillary Clinton: (more…)

Late Late Nite FDL: Rage, Rage Against the Goddamn Machine

As any of you who read this site regularly know, good writing is incredibly important to us at FDL. It’s what separates us from The Right Wing Blogoshpere the animals. We’re happy to support the Writers’ Guild of America in their efforts to ensure fair and equitable payment for the writers striking all over the country.

FDL is a community of activists, concerned citizens, and proud Americans, and the thing that brings us here to this place each day is the power of the written word to educate, to inspire, and to entertain. We want to get use our megaphone to help folks get acquainted with what’s really going on here rather than relying on the corporate media’s take on it. Remember that the People Who Own the News are the very corporations that are trying to screw the writers out of what they’ve earned.

And the big news is…if you happen to be in Los Angeles tomorrow, you can join in a rally at Fox Studios (10201 Pico Blvd.) at 10:00 am for a massive demonstration. There’s three hour free parking at the Westfield shopping mall with purchase, and with the War Against Christmas just around the (more…)