Blue America Welcomes Tim Tagaris


(Please welcome Tim Tagaris, veteran of the Ned Lamont, Paul Hackett and Sherrod Brown campaigns who is joining us today in the comments.  He is currently in Louisiana covering the Karen Carter race for MyDD and lighting up Bourbon Street — JH)   

Before we start, I am so thankful Jane offered me this opportunity to express the campaign's appreciation to everyone here at FDL for your support of Ned Lamont.  That's Jane, Christy, T-Rex, Pach, and YOU.

Thank you … so much.  It was a fun ride, wasn't it?

Since the campaign ended, a lot of folks have asked me, "would Ned have won the primary without the netroots?"  Here's what I do know: clawing back from a 60 point deficit in the polls was never going to happen unless every aspect of the campaign not only succeeded, but excelled.  A lot of consultant types point to fundraising as the be-all-end-all measure of online success in a campaign … and we all thank you for the contributions through the Blue America page. 

But what isn't always noted is the impact THIS very community (above-the-fold posters and your participation) had in securing local Choice endorsements, pressuring the HRC, breaking (more…)