Increasing Number of Americans Are Putting Off Seeking Health Care

By: Friday November 28, 2014 8:10 am

If you really want to understand why the Affordable Care Act hasn’t gotten more popular you should look at this graph. The number of Americans who say they have put off medical treatment continues to rise even after the ACA’s coverage expansion was implemented.

Why I’m Thankful for the Recent Marijuana Legalization Victories

By: Thursday November 27, 2014 8:27 am

Change has come about because organizations spent years working to produce a shift in public opinion then using the initiative process to bypass reluctant politicians. Change has come almost exclusively from the grassroots.

D.C. Moves One Step Closer to Allowing Recreational Marijuana Stores

By: Tuesday November 25, 2014 2:45 pm

On Tuesday the D.C. Council bill to tax and regulate marijuana was approved by the Committee on Business, Consumer, and Regulatory Affairs. The bill would provide the basic framework for licensing recreational marijuana businesses and retail stores in D.C. While Initiative 71 was approved overwhelmingly by voters earlier this month, that initiative will only legalize limited possession and home cultivation for adults.

House GOP Has Plans to Avoid Fight With Obama for Now

By: Tuesday November 25, 2014 9:20 am

The lame duck Congress has only one thing they need to before they can take the rest of the year off, fund the government. It looks like the Republican leadership may have found a way to do their job while avoiding a protracted fight with President Obama.

What Is the Point of an Individual Mandate if You Don’t Talk About the Mandate?

By: Tuesday November 25, 2014 8:15 am

The Obama team has the duty to either drop the individual mandate or promote it heavily. Moving the open enrollment period to tax season would definitely be a good way to draw extra attention to it.

Americans’ Weird Belief Their Country Is Becoming a Lawless Hellscape

By: Monday November 24, 2014 5:26 pm

This is not just idle speculation, but a serious question with big policy implications. We wasted billions on some very misguided “tough on crime” approaches that have result in the word’s largest prison population, crippled the economic prospects of millions, and feed a a massive drug war that has killed thousands on the other side of our borders.

Undoing all these bad policies might depend on finding a way to convince the public about the very good news when it comes to crime rates in this country.

The Nuclear Option Catch-22 for Republicans

By: Saturday November 22, 2014 12:30 pm

The problem is there is no way for Republicans to undo the Democrats’ rule change without validating what Democrats did.

House Republicans Finally File Suit Against President Obama

By: Friday November 21, 2014 12:50 pm

The long promised House Republican’s lawsuit against the Obama administration based on his executive action related to health care is finally here.

Congressional Research Service Report on Taxing Legal Marijuana

By: Friday November 21, 2014 11:42 am

If you want insight into how Congress might eventually treat marijuana when it is finally legalized at the federal level, you should read this new Congressional Research Service report on possible options for taxing cannabis. The service prepared this report at the request of members of Congress.
The report looks at not only the potential revenue that could be gained from marijuana, but also the pros and cons of the multiple ways marijuana can be taxed.

The Importance of Not Being Quiet

By: Friday November 21, 2014 9:17 am

Last night President Obama did the right thing and will help millions of people in this country. It was a big day for immigration reform groups and a powerful vindication of an aggressive form of activism.

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