FDL Movie Night – The Last Mountain

Please welcome Bill Haney, Clara Bingham, and Special Host Jeff Biggers.

The Last Mountain,

Bill Haney, Director, and Clara Bingham, Producer

Host, Jeff Biggers:

Although The Last Mountain film exposé on mountaintop removal mining opened in theaters across the country last month, its most important screening should take place at the White House Family Theater.

And then when the lights come up after President Obama has viewed the devastating film in the air-conditioned confines powered by coal-fired electricity strip-mined from the Appalachian mountains, he should have to turn and face West Virginia hero Maria Gunnoe, who warns the viewer: “Coal is mean, coal is cruel, coal kills… and every American has to find their position: You’re connected to coal whether whether you realize it or not.”

President Obama is connected to mountaintop removal, one of the most egregious human rights and environmental violations in our lifetime — as are many Americans across the country.

And nearly 34 years after President Jimmy Carter begrudgingly signed a watered-down federal law that sanctioned the failed regulatory policies for this reckless strip-mining, President Obama needs to take a position and abolish all mountaintop removal operations once and for all.

An epic portrait of one community’s long-time battle to take on Massey Energy lawlessness and their Big Coal sycophants in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia, The Last Mountain just might be one of the most timely and game-changing films in years. Beautifully filmed, at once provocative and disquieting, The Last Mountain wonderfully captures the inspiring resistance and indefatigable campaigns of coal mining families — and their outside supporters — to stand up and defend their land and lives. (more…)