FDL Book Salon Welcomes Eric Pooley, The Climate War: True Believers, Power Brokers, and the Fight to Save the Earth

Welcome  author Eric Pooley, and host, Eli Kintisch.

[Note: This Book Salon is only one hour long]

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In the green trenches with Eric Pooley, author of  The Climate War.

For three years, former Time chief political correspondent Eric Pooley has followed the political fight over limiting the amount of carbon pollution emitted by the United States — and The Climate War is his blow-by-blow report from the front. Urgent and timely, the book is a behind-the-scenes page-turner for the green set, a detailed explanation of this country’s national inaction on carbon limits. It’s a rich story of scientists, schemers, politicos and hacks, but the main characters are three men who have tried — and up till now, failed — to forever change the way America uses energy and hopefully help stem global warming.

Fred Krupp is an optimistic, pragmatic environmentalist, head of the Environmental Defense Fund and a cell phone call away from some of the most powerful players in the US. Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, whose power company is the third-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the United States, is an emotional maverick from the “progressive wing of the Fortune 500,” as Pooley puts it. (And he’s a crucial swing vote on climate legislation, capable of rallying the electric power industry for or against a bill.) And Al Gore is Al Gore, though with Obama elected he’s “itchier than he had been in years” for action. Each was pragmatic and wily in different ways. Pooley can be fairly accused of focusing on three of the green-groups’ White Hats to the detriment, for example, of much insider reporting on industry in a 481-page book. But that imbalance doesn’t take away from the pace and relevance of his narrative. (more…)