The Spin I’m In: The Final Spin Out

When I first started blogging here in July of 2006 I hardly knew what blogging was. My friend Jane Hamsher asked me if I would do a play-list every week and I kind of turned that into The Spin I’m In. Well, it’s been just over two years that I’ve been writing and it’s been a blast here at Firedoglake with all of you, but most good things must come to an end. I have some other projects that need full time tending to… mainly working on new music, and diving deeper into Cash Music, a new platform for artists that hopes to create meaningful interaction between music lovers and music makers. I want to thank Jane and Christy for having me here and for all of their support. A special thanks goes to Joh Padgett (finifinito) for being my digital roadie every week and for being such a gracious co-host with me in “comments”.

One of my favorite things that I’ve enjoyed doing here has been posting strange videos when I’ve come across them. So this being my last Spin… I just had to leave you with some over the top camp. I love Ann Margret as much as any red-blooded American female, but this has to be one of the most un-catchy jingles that I’ve ever heard. The video just gets more bizarre as it goes on, and the fashions are to die for.

So for the last time people… what’s The Spin You’re In this week?

The Spin I’m In: “Why Are People Talking?”

I saw Stevie Wonder for the first time the other night at the Hollywood Bowl.  He’s been on the list that resides in my mind of “Artists I Must See Live” for as long as I’ve had the list. It was so exciting.  There he was in the flesh, dressed in a white suit at his keyboards delivering the goods. His voice was great, his band was great, he’s the man.

The Bowl’s sound system is not that loud, and right as the concert started two 90210 type young couples came in and sat down behind us. I don’t know if they were on coke or just completely clueless, but they talked loudly the entire concert. My friends and I moved down a few seats to get as far away from them as possible. I’ve gotten into it with people over these chatty shenanigans at the Bowl before and I didn’t want it to ruin my evening so I just tried to ignore them. But a lot of people were talking. At one point Stevie even said, “Why are people talking?”

Later in the show during what was supposed to be a quiet moment, Stevie was speaking about his mother who passed away a couple of years ago, when all of a sudden from a section further behind us a bunch of people started singing “Happy Birthday” to someone in their party with a big cake with candles on it. It was unbelievable. What is wrong with people? They’ve got one of the greatest voices ever in front of them and they feel compelled to sing “Happy Birthday”?  It’s a sad state of affairs.


The Spin I’m In: All Apologies (Again)

Hey hi howdy Firepups, Fini Finito filling in for Donita once more while she is on the road to Chicago after storming my hometown of Indy last night. She of course proceeded to tear the house down at the Ugly Monkey and Donita, Dee and their bandmates Dat, Alan the Italian and Logan were absolute ladies and gentlemen as they partied at the club afterwards. Dee and Donita kept me out to the wee hours and a blast was had by all.

Sorry, no pictures today, I had technical issues which is why this is late. It’s a little hard to use a brand new computer and do this column when one has ingested some alcohol the night before with rock stars. Enjoy this replay list from Donita, a classic and one of my favorite playlists as she makes her way to Chicago’s Double Door tonight.

The Spin I’m In: Traffic Jammin’

Hey hi howdy Firepups! FiniFinito here on behalf of the NYC-traffic-jam-delayed Donita Sparks who is currently stuck in crosstown traffic (hence the Hendrix video above) as she prepares to begin her 2008 US Tour in Hoboken, NJ tonight at Maxwell’s, which I am told is one of the finer rock n roll establishments in an area full of them in the tri state area.

Donita will be by later to check in, so leave a message for her in comments, or of course feel free to hang out and chill for a while with us as we jam out to some tunes for a traffic jam that I picked out for us today! Enjoy!

The Spin I’m In: One More for the Roadie

My band The Stellar Moments and I are about to hit the road again for a tour of the East Coast and Midwest.  Most of the preparations are in place but I’m down to the wire with some as usual: book flights, arrange rental gear in NYC, van rental, T-shirts printed, CDs shipped to NYC, etc.

We’re about as bare bones as a band can be. Just band members: no sound person, merch person or roadies, which brings me to another brilliant idea from the Sparks camp: “Roadie For A Day”.  Help us hump our gear, sell merchandise, fetch beers, or select groupies (kidding), and you will receive the soon to be highly coveted Golden Lanyard with Road Crew Pass.  You and your guest will also get in to the show for free. Just write to us at with a sentence why you should be our “Roadie For A Day”. We will crown one “Roadie For A Day” per city, so get your Mag Lite and fanny pack ready to rock.

Donita Sparks + The Stellar Moments Transmiticate Tour 2008

Fri 6/6 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
Sat 6/7 – New York – Highline Ballroom (Supporting Mudhoney)
Sun 6/8 – Cambridge – TT the Bear’s
Tue 6/10 – Cleveland – Grog Shop
Wed 6/11 – Detroit – Magic Stick
Thu 6/12 – Indianapolis – The Ugly Monkey
Fri 6/13 – Chicago – Double Door
Sun 6/15 – Pittsburgh – 31st St. Pub
Mon 6/16 – Baltimore – Ottobar
Wed 7/30 – San Francisco – Thee Parkside
Fri 8/1 – Eugene OR – John Henry’s
Sat 8/2 – TBA – TBA
Sun 8/3 – Portland OR -Dante’s