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Good Morning Pups!

I don’t know what it’s like everywhere else in the country, but we are in the middle of a HEAT WAVE here!  It’s been HOT all week.  And today it is supposed to reach 100 degrees…feeling like 110!  I think I am going to stay in the house working today.

I’ve gone to a few furniture stores to look at furniture, but this heat makes it hard.  In my later years, I have found that I cannot deal with the heat like I could when I was younger.  As a kid, I would hide from my parents to avoid having to come into the house.  And, those special occasions when I actually got to go to a theme park…oh boy, sunrise to sunset!

I’ve been wanting to go to a water park, but am scared to brave the sun.  Maybe I should go in the evening, but that just seems like I’ll only get part of the package.  Not sure if it is a sign of getting older or what?  Has anybody else out there had this problem?  What can we do to “get around” the heat and still enjoy the summer?

Pull Up A Chair…

Pull Up A Chair

Happily Ever After: linda yvonne (flickr)

I’m on cloud nine this morning.  I just found out that I qualified for my first home.  I am soooooo happy.  I’ve been looking, although not entirely seriously.   I went to one highrise apartment, but “Mr. DeVeria” wasn’t satisfied with it.  It was a lot of money for an apartment, he said.  But last Thursday we were out when he said, “I have something I want you to see.”  After showing it to me Thursday,  on Friday we met with the realtor, and today I got the call.

It’s a rental, but I wanted to rent first to see if I really wanted to buy there.  If all goes well, after two years, I’ll be buying my family home.  I’m excited but I don’t want to overdo it.  I’m trying to talk myself into taking things slowly and doing things in MODERATION.  Remember, that’s my word for the year.

So now I’m looking for any and all advice.  This is a first for me and whenever I do things for the first time, I try to get advice from people who are older and/or wiser than I am.  When and/or where did you get your first home — and what would you have done differently if you had the chance?

I’m listening…

Pull Up A Chair….

Pull Up A Chair

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Good morning Pups,

Well, it is the 4th of July holiday weekend.  What’s on your docket, pups?  I don’t know about you all, but I have to work virtually all weekend.  But it’s OK, that’s what I do.  I am going to a cookout on Sunday (still celebrating my birthday!), so that will give me some entertainment and recreation, and a much needed break from all of these numbers!

What exactly is this holiday all about?  Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Some people go all out.  They have the custom red, white and blue decorations and apparel, and everywhere you look you can see something that is supposed to symbolize the United States.  There are plenty of cookouts, parties, concerts, and my favorite…FIREWORKS!

I normally go home to celebrate the holiday with my family.  This is a big weekend for my church at home, too.  So they were not happy when I told them that I wasn’t going to be able to come.  But I am going to do the traditional cookout here on Sunday and then I will probably just watch the fireworks on television.  Fun, right?

I just want some quiet time to get some work done and spend some time with Rashad.  So, what are your plans for this holiday weekend?  Is this a significant time for you or will it be just another weekend?

Pull Up A Chair…

Pull Up A Chair

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Good Morning Pups,

How is everyone this warm summer morning? I have been battling a sinus infection the last few days and I’m losing badly. I think when we leave here today, I am going to find an urgent care center to go to because my doctor cannot see me until Thursday. So, it is your job today to keep my mind off of the pain!

We are in the process of packing and moving and that is such a chore. I don’t think there is anything I hate more. After next week, I will be looking for a break for a few days. So that means I need some interesting summer reading or some good summer flicks to see. Any ideas?

I haven’t been to the movies in a while, so I figured I would go see if there is anything interesting showing. I also want to start reading at least 30 minutes every day. My cousin is in a book club and has been asking me about joining. Are any of you involved in one? If so, what type of activities do you do?

Well, I’m listening. Pull up a chair…

Pull Up A Chair

Good Morning Pups!

38 years ago today, my parents received a big bundle of joy…ME!  Yes, today is my birthday and I am just thankful to be alive.  I am spending my birthday in the sweet city of Charlotte, NC, and having very enjoyable, peaceful time thus far.

I don’t have a lot planned today, I just needed some time to myself, so I hit the road and came to a very special place that has become a home away from home for me.  Today’s topic is very simple.  What is your favorite birthday memory and why?

Let’s see….for me, I always celebrate the entire month of June!  (Yes, this is the first of a series of celebrations, lol.)  So, over the years I’ve made a lot of memories.  But, I think last year’s is my favorite memory, I went to the Dominican Republic with a bunch of my friends for a week.  We had such a good time!  (Can’t tell too much…someone may be lurking!) Then, as soon as I came home, I got in my car and came here to Charlotte, NC, to close out my birthday.  Fun, fun, fun!  Anyone that knows me, knows I love to have fun.

So, tell me what is your favorite birthday memory?  I’m listening.

Pull Up A Chair…

Birthday Balloons courtesy Pink Sherbet Photography

Pull Up A Chair

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Precious Memories

Good Morning Pups!

Well this has been one of the better weeks that I have had in a long time.  My grandmother came to spend the week with me and to make sure that I’m all right.  It felt so good having my Granny watching over me!  I didn’t realize how much I needed it, but she did.

We spent a lot of time in Baltimore this week visiting her 96 year old sister.  It was amazing watching them together…almost a century’s worth of love, friendship, and memories.  My aunt’s memory goes and comes, but as with most older individuals, she can remember stuff from 50 years ago as if it were yesterday.

They reminisced about their children, their  grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren.  And places they’d gone, people they’d met, and things they wanted to do —  and actually did or didn’t take the time to do.  It made me think…if I live to be 96 years old, what would I want to say I accomplished…what do I want other people to be able to say?

I decided that I want to continue to make a difference.  I want to live the best life I can and help someone else along the way.  Family is very important to me, so I want to have my own family, and raise my family with the same values that my grandmother raised her family.  Have I done everything I wanted to do yet?  No, not at all, but the things that I have lived through this year have put things in a much clearer perspective.  I wouldn’t have traded this week in for anything.

So Pups, do you have or have you had an older person in your life that has been instrumental in molding your thinking and values?  What are some of your favorite memories?  Also, what mark would you like to accomplish or leave in this world, and how are you working towards making it?  I’m listening.

Pull Up A Chair…

Pull Up A Chair

Summer is Here!

Good Morning Pups!

Can you believe it?  The summer is finally here.  Even though the official start date hasn’t arrived yet,  we are experiencing all of the effects of a full blown summer already ~  hot, muggy days, evening thunderstorms and humid nights.

To be perfectly honest…I could do without the heat.  During this time of year I stay out of the sun.  I don’t know if I just can’t take it in my old age or what, but me and the the heat just don’t get along.  From June through August I stay in the A/C as much as possible.

This makes summer travel a chore.  Most people go on their beach or island vacations this time of  year, and I’m trying to find a birthday getaway for me and the Mr.; but everything I can think of has to be outside.  So I think I’ll just do some light traveling with my church in an air-conditioned car, to an air-conditioned hotel, and then on to an air-conditioned church.  Get the picture…lol!

Anyhow, what are your summer plans?  Any special outings or vacations planned?  Does anyone know of a nice “air-conditioned” place I can go to celebrate my birthday?

Turn on the A/C and Pull Up A Chair…

Pull Up A Chair

Good Morning Pups!

Can you believe it’s Memorial Day already? Seems like we were just bringing the year in… Memorial Day is a federal holiday set aside for those men and women who died while in military service. Similarly, my church has a huge celebration every year commemorating the lives and accomplishments of our former bishops.

You wouldn’t believe the number of people outside my apartment door right now. We are getting ready to have a parade with marching bands from all over the country, and members from our church. Although I am not physically able to walk it, I will enjoy it from my stoop.

I have cooked and cooked; and now if they want to eat, they know where the kitchen is. Sorry, I can’t be the gracious host this year, but hey, at least I cooked.

After dealing with all of these people this weekend, I plan to sleep most of the actual holiday to recuperate; but, when I get up I’d love to go to a good cookout or go down to the Wharf to get some seafood. If I’m lucky I can get a good spot to watch the fireworks. We have great fireworks down on the Mall for Memorial Day.

So, what do you guys have planned for the weekend. Any good cookouts planned?

Pull Up A Chair…

Pull Up A Chair

Good Morning Pups!

OK, either I am doing something wrong or I need to work on my organizational skills, but there is just not enough time in the day!

How do you work, clean house, do laundry, grocery shopping, go to the drycleaners, cook and raise a family and only utilize the 24 hours in the day.  Oh, I forgot…we have to sleep too!  I need to find a manageable plan.

Now granted, I do work a lot.  But, I am trying to “come out of the nest” and maintain my own household again and it is HARD!  I haven’t lived on my own since I started my business and I forgot about all of the domestic stuff that needed to be done

I have Rashad this weekend and he is looking around like, “Godmommy, what is this place?” This is his first time staying at my apartment and he is all over the place checking everything out.  He just doesn’t know what I had to do to get this place ready for him.

HELP!!!  What am I doing wrong?  I love my work, but family is very important to me and I am ready to have my own family now.  I’m listening…

Pull Up A Chair…

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Pull Up A Chair

Felíz Día de la Madre (Jorge Pérez - flickr)Good Morning Pups!

I hope all is well on this lovely Saturday morning.  I cannot believe that it is Mother’s Day Weekend already!

I have a wonderful mother, grandmother and aunts that have been wonderfully supportive over the past few months.  But, with all that has been going on, I have not thought about anything to do for them this year.  Not to mention that I am just not in the mood to celebrate.

HELP!  I am going to get on the road after our time together to meet my mother and aunts for the weekend. You all always give me wonderful thoughts and ideas…so, I am at your mercy today.  What can I do, that is quick and easy, but thoughtful….and did I forget to mention that I’m on a severe budget?

I’m listening….

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foto: Felíz Día de la Madre de Jorge Pérez