Melissa Harris-Perry’s Excellent Rant: I’m Sick of the Idea That Being Wealthy Is Risky.

For anyone who has wondered why cable journalists Never call out BS to their guests of a certain ignorant ideology, it happens once in a Blue Moon. And, here’s a video of Melissa Harris-Perry “erupting” at what one guest said.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

You can scroll to about 8 minutes in, unless you want the build up.

I say, Amen, sister! Preach it!

Sometimes we just have to get emotional and slap that table.

Pull Up a Chair: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Good Early Morning, All Pupsters.

It’s the middle of August, and my veggie garden is going crazy. After a slow starting summer, it’s gotten sufficiently hot here for several weeks so that the plants have really kicked in the juice, if you know what I mean.

Kinda like human beans, it’s gotta get heated before there are the resulting benefits. (Not going political here, pinkie swear. Ain’t I a stinkah?)

Like a jungle, that garden is.

When my 24 year old son moved in with us last winter, he planted a garden of tomatoes and peppers in the backyard, but then in the early spring he moved out (to his dad’s and he’s still been working at Universal – so that’s all good). So then, my younger son has been doing the lion’s share of the maintenance on that stuff, and he helped me plant some zucchini and cucumber plants as well, after digging up and turning and adding Good Stuff to the soil. (It’s so much easier for the 18 year olds, than the 60 year olds. Sigh.)

I’ve got several different kinds of hot peppers growing. The zucchinis have taken over my life. The tons o’ tomatoes are all ripening at pretty much the same time. I’ve got Romas, Big Boys, Heirlooms and some other ones. And, the person who’s done most of the work is out of town – visiting Sissy in DC, and in NY this weekend – isn’t even here to watch, pick and prepare for storage the fruits of his labor.

Pretty much every day that I go out there, I’m pulling a dozen and a half of tomatoes, and several John Holmes zucchinis. And, so, I’ve been making pasta sauce for freezing. I add peppers, onions, maybe sometimes some ground turkey, and whatever else is in the fridge that needs to be used. Oh, and garlic. Fresh garlic. (And, h/t to nonquixote for the germ of an idea for this post.)

I’m being a selfish brat and keeping all of the tomatoes, well except for giving some to mom, who’s sweet face is in my photo atop. But I’m taking 5 or 6 ginormous ones a week to MEND, where I used to volunteer. The Food Director and the Assistant Director who lead a children’s group about gardening called Seeds to Supper program were delighted to see me and my zucchinis. Here’s a link to MEND, and if you care to check out the site, you’ll learn how some wonderful people are helping others.

If you go there and see the slide show, in the shot of the food kitchen, the gentleman on the right is the Food Director, Richard Weinroth (Pumpkin!), the gentleman in the middle is Virgil, who I adored working with – who wouldn’t? Check that grin, the sincere pleasure of meeting his wife and three of the cutest girls you can imagine. (The collateral benefits to doing volunteer work are hard to predict, but, when I saw those three faces, I was able to allow myself to get rid of two large boxes of mostly new stuffed animals, and a huge box of children’s dvd’s that for some stupid reason I had been holding on to.)

And, so, the garden grows. We plant the fields and scatter the good seed on the ground. And Inch by Inch, Row by Row, we maintain our gardens and our lives.

Blessings and Happy Thoughts to all of you and, as always, Keep The Faith all you Sweetie Pies.

Pull Up a Chair: Giving You the Best That I’ve Got

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Good Morning, Sweet Pups All.

And, may I say that the first verse of the song makes me think of my firedogfriends. Just so.

I’m going to riff on Margaret’s theme from last week’s PUAC about how we treat each other. Ya got yer golden rule, aka the Ethics of Reciprocity, which may not speak to everyone’s specific or general belief system. But, did you know that most faith systems have a version of Do unto others?

From this website religious
(Please note, friends, that there is a tab on the site for Non-theistic beliefs, with four categories.) Just, trying to give you the best….you know.

Dalai Lama:”Every religion emphasizes human improvement, love, respect for others, sharing other people’s suffering. On these lines every religion had more or less the same viewpoint and the same goal.”

Origin unknown: The Law of One: “We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed”

I’ve been contemplating how to motivate and inspire myself to Give others the best that I’ve got. So, naturally I started thinking about inspiration. I can only imagine that each of us is inspired by different events, people, attitudes. And, I also wonder that on any given day, our total sum of experience, including having our Visa card going lost, stolen, astrayed that particular morning, has an impact and reflection on what the Best we can do for ourselves or others on that particular day might be.

I spoke with one person who said he was inspired by a series of successes. He said that gives him hope. Of course, it’s usually two steps forward and one step back. But, as long as the pattern is in an upward swing, that’s success, and for that person, inspires him to keep getting up and having at it.

I suppose that many people are inspired to be Better People by the loved ones, family and friends they have in their lives. I love the scene in As Good As It Gets where at dinner, the Jack Nicholson character says to the Helen Hunt character, You make me want to be a better person.

I’m thinking that it’s not just the positive influences, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who inspire us to better thought and behavior. I’m wondering how we react to the negatives. Sometimes when I see people harping at each other on tv, or oh let’s say this blog, I think Gosh, I’ve said something like that before, and wow, I must have looked really mean or stupid or something when I said that. So, then I aspire to be a nicer commenter.

One time when I was talking to Sonny about some issue, and we were disagreeing, I pointed out that he had said something previously, emphatically, and he looked at me and asked Really? And when I assured him that he had, he said, Well, I must have been full of shit. The thing I love about that story was his honesty and willingness to learn.

I think it’s wonderful that we each own a diversity of rich experiences which we bring to each interaction. I hope everyone learns from the stories we tell here and are inspired in some way to be able to Give The Best That They’ve Got to another in any particular circumstance, through a further understanding.

As always, keep the faith and let your little light shine.

Pull Up a Chair: Beach City, Here We Come.

Good Morning Everybody, and Faithful PullUpAChairPeople.

Since it’s SumSumSummertime, I thought we could talk about the beach. Doesn’t have to be the Kona Coast in Hawaii, but that IS nice. (And, yes, Mr. Tuttle, Hilo is fabulous too.)

A beach is a landform along the shoreline of an ocean,sea, lake or river. It usually consists of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles or cobblestones. (from wikipedia) So you don’t have to live near a coast to go to a beach.

For me, being an Angelino, the beach means the Pacific Coast. And, I am drawn to the shore almost magnetically, like a dog to a bowl of Yum, like a cat to a good brushing – except for Peg’s Kurienko – or like a hummingbird to a trumpet blossom.

Most of you know I enjoy camping at the beaches near here and I have enjoyed sharing my experiences on those trips with you fine folks. The sights, the smells, the sounds. I especially enjoy the sound of the waves lapping, crashing, spilling and receding. I even have a CD of the ocean waves I sometimes listen to when I’m trying to fall asleep. And, I also enjoy sitting on the beach and just staring at the horizon. The delineation between the earth and the sky. It’s just such a clear definition. Unlike so much of how most of the rest of the world feels. So, gazing at that horizon just calms me down and says It’s okay.

Yesterday, I took a day trip with my son James to the Santa Monica Pier, and had a neat, swell and fun time. It was overcast, but not enough for a sweater, and encouraged a cool break from the heat we’ve been experiencing where we live. The ambiance was deep. The sounds were exciting, the smells were appetite enhancing, and the views were variable and inspiring.

There was a Harmony of pleasant noise that added a depth to the experience of the day. There’s a games and rides park on the pier called Pacific Park with a roller coaster – can you hear it? – whose rumblings lent a consistent percussion to the rest of the noises, the giggles, shrieks, screams of all the kids. There was a lone acoustic guitar player, hooked up to a small sound system, who played a wonderful samba-type set of songs. And, of course, there were the cries and complaints of the ever present seagulls overhead.

Oh, and the smells. Especially at an ocean beach there is the smell of fish and salt. At a pier where there are food stands and restaurants, there is the odor of cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs and french fries, shrimp, and at the end of the pier, the delicious aroma of the food cooking at the Mexican Restaurant where we had lunch. Sonny had the Sopa de Pescado (that’s Fish Soup) and I ordered a Burrito and a Mexican Coffee. We pretended we were in Mexico, on the patio of a place on the coast. The guitarist was near us and we dined alfresco, enjoying his artistry.  [cont’d.] (more…)

Pull Up a Chair

Good Morning, Everyone: Pups, PUAC’ers, Lurkers, Friends, Fellow Humans.

(Fond H/T to Christy Harding Smith, who started Pull A Chair – We miss you, but know you are well. I hope you know that you have inspired me (and I’m Wild Ass Guessing, wink, many others here too.)

This is the first PUAC since Summer has arrived. For some, this is a time when we are planting, cleaning, and celebrating. What else, you guyz, help me out?

Happy Everything to Everyone.

Since we are all human, and still evolving with each new experience that we encounter, I try to track myself, and this involves, whew!, a bit of introspection. And, that brings me to the theme of today’s yakitty-yak. Introspection sometimes leads to a decision to own up to Stuff. A tough nut sometimes.

By nature and history, this Saturday Morning thread has attracted a Pod of People who have learned a bit about each other, have learned to reach and grow with each other, are willing to be Fond and share with each other. I believe that this Pod has been welcoming to everyone who came to share our sentiments.

I thought we might spend the morning Sharing Secrets. Because it’s more than Dish, it’s Secular Confession. Something that happened to you or something that you did, hey, 20, 30, 40 years ago that you never told anyone, or hardly anyone. You could Dump it here.

Cheated on a math test. (That one was from my son who just graduated HS.)

Frequently flies through yellow lights on the road;

Fudged a little on a resume;

An income tax return;

Where I Was Last Night And What I Was Doing. (Not really, we don’t want to go there…, unless you want to.)

To err is human; to forgive, divine.
-Alexander Pope

So, I’m guessing that I’m not alone in my musings on taking responsibility for myself, considering what an intelligent and thoughtful bunch of pups you are. But, if Sharing A Secret with us can unburden you of an un-needed burden, Sweetie-Pies, we could do it now.

And, we’ll all forgive ourselves and each other and it’ll be so Groovy, Babes.

Thank you for being here and as always, Smile and Keep The Faith.

Pull Up a Chair

(photo: mpilote/flickr)

It’s All About the Love, Babeez.

Some of you may have already read that several weeks ago my 24 year old son and his girlfriend moved in with me, my husband and my 18 year old son. A real change for this household, in many small ways. Some of them really good changes.

But, this isn’t necessarily a Mom post, so if you are a person without children, I beg you to have no fear and read on.
This is about change and how we react to adjustments needing to take place. We are a country on the verge of Change. At any moment, something can happen that affects us all.

I have to share with you that when the Kids told us they needed to talk to us, there was a singular Oh! that shot through the room, but it wasn’t what we first thought. They just wanted to rent a room from us and move in. That meant that we needed to take my husband’s office out of the back bedroom and move it to our bedroom. It’s a squeeze, but it works. I’m sure some of you remember when Christy Hardin Smith moved her office elsewhere in her house to accommodate her father-in-law moving in. He’s passed on now, but the family must have some powerful memories of having shared the same roof for a while. And, so my family moves forward with five people here instead of the three it’s been for the past eight years.

A friend of mine, on hearing my news, told me that although he knows me to be a goodhearted person, that I would have to consider being even a bit more tolerant now. When people bring loved ones into their homes, they automatically have to compromise, think of the other, etc., blah blah. I have to admit I haven’t had to make any major sacrifices, except for having to look at power sources for computers and other parts on shelves in my room. But, the move has also been a gift of opportunities for me.

I think it’s natural for us human beings to fall into ruts in life. And, as time passes and we move through different phases of our lives, lose friends, lose jobs, lose what used to be, maybe we cling to the few knowns we still walk with through every day. And, isn’t it nice when something happens that shakes us loose and we get to experience new situations and maybe remember a little of life the way we remembered it or maybe even a new one? (more…)

Pull Up a Chair

Xmas Memories: The Good, The Bad and The May I Have a Do-over?

Good Saturday morning to you loyal commenters and readers of Pull Up a Chair. Brrr… another chilly winter morn. Grab a cuppa and come sit with the Comfy Chair People.

I don’t think there are many of us human beans who haven’t wanted a Do-Over moment. And, sometimes it happens at Christmas time. Because, whether we celebrate at church or a bowling alley or online, we have memories of past holidays and other times where the moment was so incredibly heart-stopping, spine tingling Momentous – in a good way, or where it was shoulder-shrugging embarrassing, or fist-clenching, blood-boiling anger provoking.

It’s Life. It happens. But, on this Christmas Eve morning I wanted to say “It is what it is.” We just can’t sweat every moment. Ahhhhhh.

So, let me ask you…

Has anyone had a moment as bad as Ralphie in The Christmas Story, when he descends the steps in his pink bunny pajamas? If so, I’d love to hear about it. I’m pretty sure others would like to smile too. Why not laugh about it all these years later? Laugh, and let it go….

Could it be that someone here has experienced the joy that George Bailey did, holding Zuzu under the Xmas tree when she says “Teacher says, whenever you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings?” We could give you a prize, here and now if you share that story.

Or, if anything in this post or another’s comments evokes a tingling thought…jump right in and tell us.

I found an interesting paged called Our Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  It’s a whole thing, I’m not kidding.  Google it.  :) (more…)

Pull Up a Chair

Good Saturday Morning, Sweet Pups!

Lotsa Big News we end up reading about every day. It’s mind boggling. eCAHN and I were yakking a bit the other day about how it’s challenging to keep on top of Everything! But, minute by minute by minute we keep holding on. And, as much as some days I Feel Like I’m Tied To The Whipping Post,- does anyone Not just Love Gregg Allman? – I mostly feel grateful, blessed and Lucky.

This whole Occupy Everything event has got me excited about people feeling into their individual power. And, then the increased power of a whole group searching for a better Something. And, it’s got me thinking about the beginning of a real potential for a Group Think Leap in our society. Imagine! But, I also see an increased need for people to work together to make change happen. Our friend, Southern Dragon, shares links most mornings and I just love the Gandhi Rap he shares from time to time. It inspires me. So what helps us work together more efficiently? I think being nice makes the whole process work more easily and with Way Better Vibes.

Good Golly, Ms. Molly, demi’s talking about being Nice again! But, that’s not precisely what I’m hoping to talk to you about this morning. It’s naturally easy for me to be nice to people if I’m in a happy mood. Or, more precisely if I’m in touch with my own personal happiness. I sometimes wonder who and what I wanna Be. And, I choose to be Happy. When I’m happy, I can do anything. (Still thinking about the Occupy Movement? Good.)

I talked to a few friends and asked them what they thought about happiness, if I were to quote them, what would they say? One person, let’s call him chef, said that “True happiness comes from within.” He’s the kindest man, teaches me alot and loves to serve others. “chef” walks what he talks. So. And “boss” said “The key to happiness is not getting what you want, but appreciating what you have.” Okay, see why he’s the boss? Another said “Happiness, this is the important thing. I tell my kids this is their priority.” Someone else said that “Happiness isn’t what you get for yourself, but what you do for others.”

I think we have to be happy within ourselves before we can share any of that with others. Well, duh. Like with the oxygen masks on planes. Always put yours on first so that you can help those around you. And, like it happens with us, the effort of looking inward makes us focus. And, that focusing invigorates us. Okay, sometimes it’s scary, but that’s fun too. And, sometimes in moments we actually feel great benefits, it’s like another Gregg Allman song, Love is Everywhere.

As with other aspects of our lives, when we practice being happy – going through the steps of Identifying, Choosing and Action, it becomes like a second nature. Smile, sweeties, in that act, you already feel better. Smile at someone out in the world, and they most likely will smile back at you. How many smiles can you share today? What are your feelings about happiness?

Tell Blondie. Tell Blondie all about it. Pull up a chair and dish, sweet pups.